Degrassi Photos: "Believe, Part Two" photo album

  • Becky and Drew hear a scary noise while lost in the woods.
  • Maya helps Miles prepare for his testimony in court.
  • Miles asks Winston to lie for him on the stand to protect Maya from the truth.
  • Zoe starts singing "Defying Gravity" from the musical, Wicked, in class.
  • Zoe smashes a reporter's laptop when she sees her waiting outside.
  • Realizing her life is a mess, Zoe hides in the back of a bus.
  • Becky confirms that Zoe did not consent to sexual acts with Luke.
  • Zoe thanks Zig for encouraging her to give her personal statement.
  • Becky tries to console her mom after the jury makes their decision.
  • Zoe wins her trial!