TeenNick's Best Hair Makeovers photo album

  • James Diamond (Big Time Rush)
    Although James is well known for his token hair flips, he decided to trade in his long locks for a shorter cut in season 4.
  • Katie Matlin (Degrassi)
    After having her heart broken by Drew Torres, Katie was in need of a serious change. Fast forward to darker locks, killer bangs and a happier Katie! Drew who?
  • Tristan Milligan(Degrassi)
    Tristan decided to go platinum blonde in season 13 and he's been the life of the party ever since!
  • Jade West (Victorious)
    Jade went for a darker 'do in season 2, and added some neon highlights. Why? Because she does what she wants, that's why.
  • Zoey Brooks (Zoey 101)
    After a crazy first year at PCA, Zoey returned to campus in season 2. But this time, she left her blonde hair at home.
  • Clare Edwards (Degrassi)
    Yes, that's the same Clare. Talk about total transformation. Nothing like a short 'n' curly cut to show off how mature and grown up you've become.
  • Manny Santos (Degrassi)
    Throughout her tenure at Degrassi, Manny experimented with plenty of different hairstyles. But when she opted for a blonde-with-bangs look in season 7, she really turned a few heads.