Top 10 Things You Need for Prom photo album

  • Yes, chalk. Have a small stain on your suit or dress? Use the same color chalk to help hide that stain and party on as if it never happened. We know it sounds weird, but it works!
  • Tote Bag: How else are you going to carry all these things to prom?!
  • Gum: Funky breath is a major downer during the big dance. Pop these in your purse and be ready for close encounters of any kind!
  • Bandaids: Pretty shoes don't always equal happy feet. You might not realize it until well after midnight but those cute shoes you just bought left you with some ugly blisters. Toss a couple of these into your pack and put them on when you feel a blister coming on.
  • Cell Phone Charger: Let's face it, our phones are kinda our lives now – we NEED them! A dead phone can make or break your prom experience; totally worth the extra real estate it may take up in your clutch.
  • Flip Flops: Sure, the shoes are cute but can you really get down in them? Stash these in your purse to use during the wee hours of the night so you can party in comfort!
  • Hair accessories: Your hair may start out beautiful, but after a night of nonstop dancing, it might turn into a bit of a mess. Be prepared to pull it back or clip it up so you look fresh throughout the dance.
  • Mini Perfume Bottle: Who has room to carry their big perfume bottles? Head to your favorite beauty store to score some free samples of your signature scent. Not only will you smell amazing but it weighs next to nothing!
  • Double-Sided Tape: We all have them, wardrobe malfunctions. Bring this with you and throw those hands up in the air!
  • Tissues: Crying over a crush? No way! We think you'll need these for those moments when you're laughing so hard you're crying.