Top 10 Things You Need for the Beach photo album

  • When you head to the beach, bathing suit, sunscreen, hat, towel, reading material and snacks are must-haves. But as you're running out the door, don't forget these helpful items, you'll be glad you brought them.
  • Colorful Umbrella - The beach can get crowded, and after a swim in the ocean, you might forget where you left all your stuff. A distinct umbrella or flag will help you find your way back!
  • Binoculars- It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a… pirate ship?! The ocean's horizon is vast, you never know what you might see! Plus, we all know the beach is great for people-watching. Just be sure to tone down the potential creep factor.
  • Waterproof Speakers- Don't let the waves crash (get it?) your beats! H20-resistant speakers might be a pricey purchase, but we bet you'll use them time and again.
  • Extra Towel- Towel to lay on: check. But what about the towel that serves as a pillow AND can be used at the end of the day to wipe off all that unwanted sand? You're welcome.
  • Plastic Bag for Electronics- You know what smart phones and tablets don't like? Water. This is a super cheap and effective way to make sure your goods stay dry and sand-free!
  • Picnic Blanket- Because you need something that's larger than a towel on which to spread your various snacks and drinks.
  • Misting Spray- Sure, the sun feels good, but keeping your skin hydrated is an absolute must. Pro tip: stick this spray in your beach cooler to really enjoy a refreshing cool mist!
  • Extra Clothes- After a day weathering the elements, you might want a fresh t-shirt to wear home. Plus, you never know what kind of spill (bird poop) might temporarily stain the clothes you came wearing!
  • SPF Lip Balm- Dry lips are the worst! And did you know that they can get burned, too?! Grab some SPF lip balm that won't melt in the heat. Plus, you never know, you might pucker up to a fish!
  • Deodorant- We don't care what the bottle says, no deodorant is a match for all day fun-in-the-sun activities! Bring a little extra anti-p for midday reapplication, you'll be glad you did. Just don't leave it in the sun--no good can come from that!