The HALO Awards photo album

  • Only Part of the Prize
    Chairman Nick wields Leah Stoltz's briefcase full of prize money goodness.
  • Chairman Nick and Team Marine
    Nick poses with Megan Kilroy and other members of Team Marine, a student group dedicated to addressing environmental crises.
  • Surprise!
    Chairman Nick drops the good news on B-Team's Darrius Snow.
  • Don't forget to breathe!
    Leah Stoltz reacts after finding out she won a 2009 TeenNick HALO Award for her work with Curvy Girls of Long Island.
  • Hope Is Vital
    Chairman Nick presents Brryan Jackson with a TeenNick HALO Award.
  • What?
    Leah Stoltz learns that she's going to meet Justin Timberlake as part of her 2009 TeenNick HALO Award prize.
  • LeBron James
    LeBron met with Darrius Snow to recognize Darrius for all his hard work for the kids in his neighborhood.
  • Megan Kilroy and Hayden Panettiere
    A shared love of the ocean and a desire to protect all the creatures who live in it bonds the two environmentalists.
  • LeBron, Darrius, and Nick
    Darrius enjoys his day in the spotlight, a reward for years of hard work on behalf of his community.
  • Nick, Megan, and Hayden
    2009 TeenNick HALO Award winner Megan Kilroy (center) asks you to think before you buy single-use plastic -- it's choking the oceans.
  • A Prize Well-Earned
    Chairman Nick presents Megan with her TeenNick HALO Award prize money -- half for her organizations, and half for her.
  • Darrius and his B-Team Kids
    The first in his family to graduate high school, Darrius helps kids in impoverished neighborhoods see the possibility of a brighter future.
  • Nick, Brryan and Alicia Keys
    Chairman Nick introduced 2009 TeenNick HALO Award winner Brryan Jackson to Alicia Keys, who shares his dedication to AIDS awareness.
  • Forgiveness and Hope
    Intentionally infected with HIV when he was an infant, Brryan Jackson now educates his peers and volunteers with other AIDS-affected youth.