South of Nowhere photo album

  • The South of Nowhere Cast
    Left to right: Chelsea, Clay, Glen, Spencer, Ashley, Madison, Aiden, and Kyla
  • Ashley and Spencer
    "I'm not into labels." - Ashley Davies
  • Spencer Carlin
    "I don't want to be tolerated, I just want to be loved. I want to be accepted." - Spencer
  • Glen Carlin
    "I'm hot. She's hot. It'd be hot." - Glen Carlin
  • Madison
    Cheerleader, dancer, ragingly jealous ex-girlfriend, and all-around b word. Usually.
  • Sean
    Clay's best friend in Los Angeles... except for Chelsea, maybe.
  • Chelsea and Clay
    Awww, Chelsea in a happier time, with Clay.
  • The Carlin Siblings
    Clay, Spencer, and Glen Carlin, pulled from the calm cocoon of Ohio into the startling new world of Los Angeles.
  • The Carlins
    Art and Paula, aka Easygoing But Loving Dad and Strict But Loving Mom.
  • Madison and Aiden
  • Chelsea and Glen
    An artist and a goofball jock find love.
  • Glen Carlin
    At his locker.
  • Madison vs. Ashley
    Madison: "Bite me, 'Queer Eye'." Ashley: "Not if you were the last Barbie on earth."
  • Chelsea and Glen
    Awww. Chelsea and Glen finally get it together.
  • Spashley
    "When it comes down to having the choice of being right or protecting you, I'll be wrong every single time." - Ashley
  • The Boys of South of Nowhere
    Aiden, Clay, and Glen
  • Clay Carlin
    Spencer's brother, R.I.P.
  • Spencer, Aiden, and Madison
    "Why do we always want who we can't have and always have who we don't really want....or is that just me?" - Aiden
  • Early Days of South of Nowhere
    Spashley, Clay and Glen
  • Spencer and Ashley Kiss
    "I already think about you all day. I tanked my history final the other day because you're all I ever think about." - Spencer