Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures: Meet the Cast! photo album

  • Meet Bucket
    Bucket lives for the perfect surf day and hangin' ten with his best friend, Skinner.
  • Meet Skinner
    Skinner is a wild and wacky surfer who loves riding the waves just as much as he loves the San Diego state Women's volleyball team.
  • Meet Kelly
    Kelly is the coolest and cutest girl surfer in Southern California!
  • Meet Aloe
    Aloe lives up to his name... he's totally cool. But don't be fooled. This popular all star athlete still knows how to dish out a burn.
  • Meet Piper
    Piper is Kelly's little sister, who helps Bucket win over his dream girl. Awe, isn't she adorable?
  • Dynamic Duo
    This perfect pair of best friends will always share the epic bond of brotherhood.
  • Surfs Up!
    Skinner is one of the smoothest surfers in school!
  • Taco Loco
    What Bucket is really thinking is, "I could seriously go for an epic fish taco right now".
  • Love at First Surf
    Will Bucket win Kelly over, or is he in for an epic wipeout?
  • Sweet Surfer
    Awe, Bucket's such a red rose romantic. You've gotta give him a chance, Kelly!
  • Cowabunga Cast
    This cast is like the perfect wave. They're wild, fun, and totally epic!
  • Epic Friends
    The crew of Bucket & Skinner will be forever friends. They share a beach bond that can never be broken!