Sara Bareilles Guest Stars on Bucket and Skinner photo album

  • So-Cal Sara
    When Sara Bareilles guest starred on Bucket and Skinner, she got to meet all our fave Nick stars...even Mr. Krabs.
  • I Sea Sara!
    Sara was met with warm hugs when she showed up at this beach bummin' surf shop.
  • Starstruck
    It looks like Sara's got a serious superfan on her hands...
  • Somebody Pinch Me
    It was like a dream when Sara stepped on set with the cast of Bucket and Skinner. But Aloe got a little more pinching than he needed. Ouch!
  • Aloe-ha
    Aloe and Sara go way back. And she's super excited to see him! So jeal...
  • Peanut Butter and Kelly?
    When Kelly gets a little over-excited, she decides to bring it in for a little Sara sandwich.
  • Sand Sisters
    Sara's got a major set of pipes. Maybe that's why she gets along so well with Piper!
  • Meet-N-Greet
    The whole cast was super stoked to meet Sara in So-Cal. Especially Kelly!
  • Masters of Disguise
    How far would you go to meet Sara Bareilles? Well Piper, Bucket, and Skinner doctored up the perfect plan...Or so they think.
  • Singin' in the Sand
    What's a kickin' cameo without a blowout beach performance?
  • Squidding Around
    When Bucket and Skinner try to crash a VIP beach performance, they're quickly caught red handed..err, tenticled.
  • Peace Out
    After this tubular cameo, it's time for Sara to surf off into the sunset. Don't go, SB, don't go!