Quizzes | Are You a Drama Queen?

Are You a Drama Queen?

Is your life drama-filled... or drama-free? This quiz will test your dramatic reflexes and see if you deserve to be treated like drama royalty.

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  • What would you do if a friend embarrassed you in front of your crush?

    • Feel stupid.
    • DIE inside, and avoid that so-called friend for a while.
    • Two words: Friendship over!
  • When's the last time you threw yourself a pity party?

    • Within the past few days. Things sucked sooooo much; no one could possibly understand. I couldn't keep it in.
    • Semi-recently. If I'm having an awful day, I'll complain to someone.
    • No idea. When I feel sorry for myself, I try to just get over it.
  • If you have an annoying song stuck in your head, you might:

    • Sing it out loud until it goes away. I swear it helps.
    • Listen to another song, and hope it gets rid of the first one.
    • Tell a friend, "I have the worst song in my head."
  • How many ex-best-friends do you have?

    • None. If anything, I've drifted apart from a few people.
    • One. It was a bad situation, but it's over.
    • A few. There are certain things I just can't forgive.
  • You have a headache. Who do you tell?

    • Maybe my mom, if it lasts for a while.
    • The school nurse. It might get me out of class.
    • Everyone. Otherwise, they'll wonder why I'm in such a bad mood.
  • You invite a bunch of friends to your birthday party. In the days leading up to the party, one of those friends start dating your ex (the one you're not quite over). If that friend shows up at the party, you might:

    • Feel a bit uncomfortable, but avoid mentioning it.
    • Pull that friend aside to be sure my ex isn't going to show up. *Awkward*
    • FREAK. That is against the friend code in a major way.
  • Your parents have decided that it's "Family Movie Night," but a new episode of Degrassi starts in ten minutes. You:

    • Beg them to wait until after Degrassi, and explain how important the show is to me.
    • Accuse them of trying to ruin my life. I will NOT watch a movie right now.
    • Decide to watch Degrassi online after the movie's over.
  • Your friend Sarah texts you, "Kevin just called my new shirt hideous." How do you respond? (You haven't seen the shirt yet.)

    • I text Sarah: "Whatever. I bet it's super cute."
    • I text Sarah: "Ugh! Why is he so mean?"
    • I text Kevin: "Stop being mean to Sarah!!!"
  • Last question: How do you feel about drama, really?

    • It's part of life, but I try not to make it any worse than it has to be.
    • Sometimes I get sucked in; it can adds a little excitement to my day.
    • I haaaaaate it. Dramatic people drive me insane.