Quizzes | Are You a Good Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Are You a Good Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Do you rock at relationships, or do you need a little help in the dating department? Take the quiz!

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  • If you're dating someone in the marching band, you'll:

    • Make sure I'm at every game, parade, and performance -- even if I originally had other plans.
    • Cheer them on as often as I can, but I probably won't be at every performance.
    • Use the time when they're at marching band events to do my own thing.
  • On a cold night, you let the person you're dating wear one of your sweatshirts home. Afterwards, you feel:

    • Cranky. I may never see that sweatshirt again.
    • Fine. I'm sure I'll get the sweatshirt back sometime soon.
    • Amazing!! This is so symbolic, like they're all wrapped up in my love!!
  • Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?

    • YES! I will always celebrate the date of our first text, our first date, our first kiss... all of that stuff!
    • Sure -- if we're together for a month or more, that's worth a "Yay!"
    • Not for dating. Anniversaries are mostly for married people.
  • If you saw the person you're dating talking to a hot friend of yours, you'd feel:

    • Happy. It's nice when my friends get along with the people I date.
    • A bit nervous. I hope they're not talking about me.
    • Kind of sick to my stomach... What if they're flirting?
  • What do you consider the "right" amount of texts to send the person you're dating?

    • I think we should text as often as possible (except when a teacher is watching).
    • A few times a day is good -- unless one of us is busy with other stuff.
    • I just reply to the ones they send me. That's enough.
  • When will you make fun of the person you're dating?

    • All the time! I'm just a sarcastic person.
    • Whenever we're both in a silly mood.
    • Never. That's disrespectful.
  • If the person you're dating opens up to you about a family problem, you'll probably:

    • Tell them about something similar that I went through.
    • Just listen, and be glad I can be here for them.
    • Have NO idea what to say.
  • If your boyfriend/girlfriend says they're having a bad hair day, you'll probably say:

    • "Whatever. It's just hair."
    • "Well, I like your hair just the way it is, even today."
    • "You could NEVER have a bad hair day! You always look amazing!"
  • Your family is planning a week-long vacation over the summer. What will you tell the person you're dating?

    • "I'll have my phone with me, and I will send you the best postcard I can find."
    • "I don't want to go. I'd miss you way too much."
    • Nothing, but if they text while I'm away, I'll text back "I'm on vaca this week."
  • How much time do you spend thinking about your girlfriend/boyfriend?

    • I think about them a lot, but if I'm taking a math test or something, I focus on that.
    • ALL the time. They are always on my mind.
    • When their name comes up in conversation. I don't sit around wondering how they are.