Quizzes | Are You an Over-Hugger?

Are You an Over-Hugger?

Do your hugs fill people with happiness -- or make them want to stay out of arms' reach? Take this quiz to test your hugging instincts.

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  • If you see a stranger holding a sign that says "Free hugs!" you'll:

    • Walk the other direction. Noooo, thanks.
    • Get a free hug (unless the stranger looks way creepy)
    • Offer to hold the sign for a while
  • If you go an entire day without hugging anyone, you'll probably feel:

    • Fine
    • Like hugging someone
    • Miserable
  • How can you tell if someone needs a hug?

    • They tell me
    • They look a bit sad or lonely
    • Everybody needs a hug!
  • You typically hug people if you haven't seen them in:

    • A few hours
    • A few days or weeks
    • A few months
  • How long do you typically know someone before you hug them for the first time?

    • A while. I usually only hug my family and close friends.
    • It depends on the person. Some people bring out my huggy side.
    • I'll hug people I've just met. A hug says, "It's great to meet you!"
  • When is the right time for a hug to end?

    • After a second or two, in most cases
    • I don't think there is a "right" time. Every hug is different.
    • When the other person starts to let go. (No sooner.)
  • Fill in the blank: Hugs spread ________.

    • Joy
    • Germs
    • A little bit of both
  • You just worked out, and your deodorant isn't exactly doing its job. If you see someone you'd like to hug, you'll:

    • Say, "I would hug you, but I'm majorly sweaty right now."
    • Reach my arms toward them (without actually hugging) and say "Air hug! I'll give you a real one later."
    • Hug them. What's a little sweat between friends?
  • You're hanging out with a group of friends, and somebody calls for a group hug. You:

    • Stay on the outskirts and contribute a few quick back pats.
    • Get right up in there and stretch my arms around as many people as possible.
    • ARE that somebody. I'm always like "C'mon, guys! Group hug!!"