Quizzes | Are You Good Enough for Toby?

Are You Good Enough for Toby?

Toby Isaacs is a brilliant tutor, a supportive friend, and he's been rockin' the dorky-cute look on Degrassi for years. Toby's an all-around great guy -- who could possibly be good enough for him? Find out if you'd make the cut.

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  • If a good friend of yours posts a new podcast online every week, how often do you think you'll listen to it?

    • Every week!
    • It depends. Is the podcast about Toby?
    • Once... or never.
  • Someone you only like as a friend asks you to the prom, and you say yes. A week later, Toby asks you to the prom, and you'd MUCH rather go with him. What do you do?

    • I tell Toby I already have a date, but I will save him a dance.
    • I tell Toby I wish I could go with him, but I'm stuck with my stupid friend-date.
    • Forget the friend -- I'm going with Toby!!
  • A teacher says, "My computer's not working right. Does anyone know how to fix these things?" You say:

    • I can take a look at it for you."
    • "No. Maybe you could try calling tech support?"
    • "I might be able to help." (I can't really fix it, though. I just want to sneak a peek at everyone's grades.)
  • You get an A on a pop quiz, and the annoying kid sitting next to you gets an F. He asks if you can study together for the midterm. You're available, but this guy really gets on your nerves. You:

    • Give up a few lunch periods to study with him, one on one.
    • Organize a study group. I don't want to be alone with the annoying guy.
    • Say, "Sorry, I have other plans. Why don't you ask the teacher for help?"
  • You're looking at a friend's photos online, and you come to one that's semi-cute, but blurry. What will you rate it?

    • One star. Blurry photos are a waste of pixels.
    • Three stars. It's semi-cute, right?
    • Five stars. I like my friends!
  • You're rushing to class, and just before the bell rings, you see a girl down the hall trip and drop her books everywhere. You will:

    • Still be laughing as I walk into class.
    • Help her pick up her stuff really fast, and hope I make it to class on time.
    • Stop, help her pick up her stuff, and make sure she's OK.
  • One of your friends has been having a really tough time lately, and your other friends decide that he/she is just too depressing to be around. What do you do?

    • Stay friends with him/her and hope things get better.
    • Hang out with him/her a bit less, because I don't want to lose my other friends.
    • Spend time with my happier friends until he/she snaps out of it.
  • You're playing a game of Truth or Dare, and someone dares you to kiss anybody in the room. It's your choice. You pick:

    • The person who dared me. He/she was asking for it.
    • Somebody who's kind of a bad-ass. I'm dying to know how he/she kisses.
    • Somebody who's painfully shy. I could make his/her night.
  • Have you ever taken the blame for something so a friend wouldn't get busted?

    • Yes.
    • No, but I might under the right circumstances.
    • No, but I've been the reason a friend got in trouble.
  • You're watching your all-time favorite movie on DVD. Just as it gets to the best part, a friend calls. You:

    • Pause the movie and answer the phone, just in case it's important.
    • Pause the movie, pick up the phone, and say, "You picked the WORST time to call."
    • Let it go to voicemail.