Quizzes | Are You Obsessed with Justin Bieber?

Are You Obsessed with Justin Bieber?

Do you love (or hate) Justin Bieber so much that he's all you think about? Find out if your brain is brimming with Bieberisms -- or if you're living a Bieber-free life. Take the quiz.

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  • According to "Somebody to Love," how far would Justin travel to get to where you are?

    • A hundred miles
    • A thousand miles
    • Four thousand miles
    • To hell and back
  • Who did Justin Bieber play on True Jackson, VP?

    • Himself
    • Amanda's little brother, Tyler.
    • Max's intern, Ken.
    • Nobody. He's never been on the show.
  • What did Justin try for the first time in New Zealand?

    • Driving
    • Sushi
    • Singing underwater
    • Bungy jumping
  • What color sneakers does Justin Bieber wear in the video for "Eenie Meanie"?

    • He only wears red sneakers.
    • He only wears black sneakers.
    • Both red and black. (He wears two pairs.)
    • He doesn't wear sneakers in that vid.
  • Justin Bieber's manager was arrested after a fan event got out of control at:

    • A radio station in San Francisco, CA
    • A mall in Long Island, NY
    • A TV appearance in Sydney, Australia
    • An airport in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Justin Bieber was born in a town called:

    • Stratford
    • Stradford
    • Mallette
    • Mollette
  • Drake makes an appearance in which Justin Bieber video?

    • "Never Let You Go"
    • "Baby"
    • "One Time"
    • He's in all three videos.
  • Justin sings the word "girl" in this song:

    • "One Time"
    • "Love Me"
    • "Baby"
    • All of these.
  • Which body part ISN'T mentioned in Justin's song "One Time"?

    • Heart
    • Stomach
    • Shoulder
    • They're all mentioned.
  • Which song did Justin Bieber perform on the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards?

    • "Never Let You Go"
    • "Baby"
    • "Eenie Meenie"
    • "One Time"