Quizzes | Are You A Teacher's Pet?

Are You A Teacher's Pet?

It's that time of year again! Everyone's getting into the back-to-school spirit, so before you break out those freshly sharpened pencils and ball point pens, take this quiz to answer the ultimate academic question: Are you a teacher's pet? We guarantee it will help you prepare for the upcoming school year (or not prepare, if that's your style)!

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  • You're sound asleep when your alarm clock starts buzzing in your ear. You:

    • Stop it as quickly as possible and hurry out of bed. Times a-wasting!
    • Press snooze at least three times before rolling out of bed.
    • Finish blow-drying your hair. You've already been awake for at least an hour!
    • Press snooze only once. The extra eight minutes helps you stay alert throughout the day!
    • Burry your head under your pillow and fall back asleep.
  • Who is your ideal study buddy?

    • Someone who understands your desire to do well
    • Someone who is willing to equally share the workload
    • Someone who does all the work for you
    • Someone who lets you do all the work so you know it's perfect
    • Someone who also wants to do the assignment as fast as possible. I have better places to be!
  • How often do you raise your hand in class?

    • Rarely, I only speak in class when the teacher demands it. (But I usually know the answer.)
    • Depends on the subject. I know my strengths!
    • Every chance I get!
    • Here and there, when I'm in the mood to play a practical joke on the teacher.
    • Whenever I know the answer.
  • How do you feel about the first day of school?

    • Not my favorite day of the year, but it does offer great pranking opportunities.
    • I love it! I get to see all my friends and meet some new teachers.
    • I wait for the first day of school all summer. I'll probably bring a few apples to give to my teachers.
    • It's the perfect excuse to buy a whole new back-to-school wardrobe.
    • Eh, I could do without it.
  • After school, you're most likely to be found doing what?

    • Writing your acceptance speech for student council president
    • Playing a pick-up basketball game
    • In the chemistry lab getting a head start on your science fair project
    • Home, playing video games
    • Tutoring some younger students before meeting up with friends
  • Your peers know you as:

    • Stylish with a nerdy side, probably...
    • Hopefully a slacker, but with street smarts
    • An eager-beaver, always!
    • A friend? Smart? Helpful? Not sure.
    • The jokester of the crew, duh!
  • What does the word procrastinate mean to you?

    • What happens when you forget to have your morning coffee
    • Never necessary, you always seem to finish your homework in a few minutes
    • It's your middle name
    • It might as well be a curse word!
    • A rare occurrence given your numerous extra-curricular activities