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Can You Handle Degrassi?

Do you have what it takes to watch TeenNick's most intense show? Take the quiz to see if Degrassi's right for you.

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  • If your best friend says, "I think I have an STD," you'll:

    • Accompany him/her to the clinic. It would suck to go through that alone.
    • Cringe, but try not to let it affect our friendship.
    • Avoid letting that friend drink out of my water bottle ever again.
  • If you move into your college dorm room and discover that your new roommate is the opposite sex, you'll:

    • Call my parents and the housing office immediately. This HAS to be fixed.
    • Feel a weence uncomfortable. If it's still weird in a week or so, I'll let the housing office know.
    • Unpack my stuff and get on with life.
  • If someone gives you a nickname implying that you're a lot sluttier than you actually are, you'll:

    • Laugh. I don't know why, slutty nicknames just crack me up.
    • Give that person an equally senseless nickname like "Horse Legs."
    • Get angry. This is how reputations get ruined.
  • Sex talks with the parents are:

    • So awkward. I'm sweating at the mere thought.
    • Something to suffer through and then joke about with my friends.
    • Unnecessary -- I probably know more about this stuff than they do.
  • Masturbation is:

    • NOT a word I want to see. I feel dirty just reading it.
    • Awesome!
    • No Comment
  • Whoa -- you just got caught frenching your best friend's date outside the prom! What's gonna happen next?

    • I'll push that person away. French kissing is unsanitary.
    • That friend will probably hate me forever, but at least my tongue got some action tonight.
    • I'm going to pour my soul into a meaningful apology. Friends are SO much more important than a random make-out.
  • If you find out that your friend is hooking up with your teaching assistant, you'll:

    • Feel uncomfortable -- especially if my friend suddenly starts getting higher grades.
    • Report it. That TA should be fired.
    • Consider it their business, not mine. Age is just a number, right?