Quizzes | Can You Keep a Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret?

When you hear something confidential, do you keep it locked up tight in your maximum-security mind - or let it out and hope for the best? Take this quiz for an assessment of your secret-keeping skills.

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  • Do you talk about everyone you know -- even your closest friends -- as long as they're not around?

    • No. I'd rather talk *to* someone than about them.
    • Once in a while, but I try not to make a habit of it.
    • Yeah, I think everybody does. It's natural to analyze your friends' faults.
  • You hook up with an acquaintance at a party and it is bad. Drooly kisses, awkward groping... total horror story. You tell:

    • My best friend, but only because I know he/she can keep a secret.
    • One or two people, but I'm sort of embarrassed about the whole thing.
    • Everyone. It's funny! And that way, nobody else will make the mistake of going after this person.
  • In line at a coffee place, you realize the strangers in front of you are talking about someone you know. One of them says, "I heard she didn't get the job she wanted, because she couldn't pass the drug test." What do you do?

    • I text a few friends right away: "Guess who has a drug problem?!?"
    • I call a friend when I get home, and try to determine if it's true or not.
    • I ignore it. I heard it from a stranger who heard it from someone else... not exactly a reliable source.
  • You think a good friend might be gay, but he/she hasn't ever discussed it with you. Do you say anything?

    • I'll probably ask around to find out why he/she hasn't come out to me yet.
    • I'll check with a mutual friend, because it could be a misunderstanding.
    • I might mention that Paige and Alex were my fave Degrassi couple ever, and see how he/she responds.
  • "It's none of my business," is something people say...

    • when they're dying to know the dirt on someone, but they feel guilty for asking.
    • when someone else mentions gossip, and they want to change the subject.
    • just before the words, "but this news is too hot to keep secret."
  • If you share someone else's secret, you feel:

    • kind of excited and rebellious
    • a little bit guilty
    • like total crap
  • When you hear a rumor, whether it's about one of your friends or a famous person, how do you react?

    • I usually believe it's at least partially true, or it wouldn't be going around.
    • I trust my instincts. If it sounds like it could be true, I'll probably repeat it.
    • Unless I see actual proof, I figure someone made it up to cause drama.
  • Have you ever said, "I know a secret about so-and-so," just because it's kind of fun to get attention and make other people curious?

    • Yeah, but I'll give in and tell them everything in about 30 seconds.
    • Maybe once in a while, but then I regret it, because I don't really want to reveal anything.
    • No, because no matter what happens next, I'll end up with somebody mad at me.
  • Your friend keeps his/her cell phone volume up really high, and when you're sitting nearby, you can hear both sides of every conversation. Do you tell your friend?

    • Definitely. I don't want to accidentally hear something that's supposed to be private.
    • I'll probably say something, because this means other people could be overhearing our conversations.
    • Probably not. It's not my fault that the volume's so high, and I kinda like listening in.
  • Someone from a TV makeover show calls, and asks for help surprising your best friend. You:

    • promise to keep it a secret. Then, as soon as I'm off the phone, I call my friend and scream the news.
    • agree to help, but then feel guilty and warn my friend so he/she will be prepared.
    • don't say a word to my friend. If he/she freaks out, it'll all get captured on camera!