Quizzes | Could You Date a Vampire?

Could You Date a Vampire?

Forget the fantasy -- do you REALLY have what it takes to date a vampire? Take this quiz.

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  • Got any self-defense skills?

    • Yeah. I'm highly-trained in the art of self-defending.
    • When I'm scared, I can run pretty fast.
    • No... unless screaming counts.
  • You're having friends over tomorrow, so you buy a box of the most delicious snack ever. You'll probably:

    • Save the snack for tomorrow. That's why I bought it.
    • Open the box tonight, just to have one.
    • Eat a bunch. What? I got hungry.
  • Your all-time favorite kiss (real or daydreamed) was with someone:

    • Shy and sensitive
    • Brooding and mysterious
    • Playful and flirty
  • Peeking into your clothes closet or dresser drawers is most like peeking into:

    • A cartoon character's home. It's very colorful and bright.
    • An underwater cave. It's deep and dark, but there's a little bit of light.
    • A black hole.
  • If this quiz checked in on you halfway through a history class, you'd probably be:

    • Daydreaming about what it's like to live in a different time period.
    • Taking notes or doodling. (It depends if I find the topic interesting.)
    • Desperately trying to keep my eyes open. I don't care about old news.
  • How do you feel about sunlight?

    • I need it. I get kind of sad on rainy days.
    • I'm fine with it, as long as I have sunglasses with me.
    • I'd rather stay in the shade.
  • Your doctor wants to run a blood test. The thought of watching warm blood leave your arm and flow through a clear tube into a plastic bag makes you feel:

    • Oddly fascinated.
    • Seriously queasy. My stomach just turned.
    • Neutral. It's just blood.
  • The last time someone told you a huuuge secret, did you blab?

    • I wouldn't say I "blabbed," but I probably told a few people in confidence.
    • If I told anyone (and I'm not saying I did), it was someone I trust completely.
    • No way.