Quizzes | Could You Survive in the '70s?

Could You Survive in the '70s?

If you woke up in the 1970s, would you boogie your butt off -- or completely freak out? Take the quiz.

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  • If your cell phone evaporated (because it doesn't exist yet), you'd:

    • Find a phonebook and a rotary dial phone. I'm calling grandma.
    • Beg everyone to leave the room while I'm on the phone. I need privacy.
    • Miss texting so bad it hurts.
  • There's no microwave in your kitchen. Just FYI.

    • Grrrrr. The oven takes way too long to heat a frozen pizza.
    • Not a big deal. Stoves heat stuff, too.
    • Awesome. One less thing to clean.
  • Hippies:

    • Peaceful, easygoing, open-minded people.
    • Seem nice enough, I guess.
    • Dirty, hairy, and stinky. Blaaargh.
  • If you like a song, are you happy if a DJ plays an extended remix version of it?

    • No. I always prefer the original song.
    • It's OK, but I get confused when I try to sing along.
    • Of course! There's even more song to dance to.
  • No Internet -- at home or the library. How will you do research for class?

    • I'll wander around the library, looking for useful books.
    • I'll ask the librarian for help.
    • I'll just make stuff up.
  • A '70s friend invites you to play a few simple, brainless video games. Are you in?

    • Yes! They're the best kind.
    • Sure. I play that stuff on my phone sometimes.
    • No. I'm only into multiplayer games with 3D graphics.
  • Wanna go roller skating?

    • Yeah!
    • Maybe... if it won't be all kids.
    • You'd have to kill me and lace the skates onto my cold, dead feet.
  • Can you dig it?

    • Yeah, man... yeah.
    • Maybe. If it's just a little hole.
    • Not unless somebody lends me a shovel.