Quizzes | Fred The Show Quiz: What Kind of Camper Are You?

Fred The Show Quiz: What Kind of Camper Are You?

Fred is going to camp for the first time ever! What kind of camper would YOU be if you tagged along? Would you be livin' it up lavishly at Camp Superior, running away from wild animals with your friends in Camp IWannaPeePee, or chilaxin' in the coziest camp there is -- your house? Take this quiz to find out, and don't forget to catch the campiest movie yet!

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  • Schools out! The FIRST thing you want to do is…

    • Slip and slide down some waterslides!
    • Tree hug! Gosh, I can be such a nature critter
    • Have a music listening party -- by myself
  • It's your first day of summer camp. What threads are you wearing?

    • A blinged out cap, matching shirt, and fresh kicks cause I'm styling on 'em
    • What I always wear -- comfort is key!
    • A T-shirt that says, "My other best friend is my bedroom"
  • The sun's down, and it's time for some R&R. What's your secret hideaway?

    • A state of the art bunker
    • A top-secret getaway in the woods...shhh!
    • My bedroom, and yes, I WILL be sleeping in.
  • It's time to duel it out in a talent competition. How are you ripping the stage?

    • Me and my homies are rhymin' it to the top, yeah yeah, 'cause we can't stop, won't stop!
    • A double punch -- original dance and song combo with my buddies
    • Most movies watched in one night, PERIOD
  • All that camping can sure make you hungry. What's on the menu?

    • The fluffiest, tastiest Belgian waffles ever
    • Some good ol' camping gruel
    • Hmm, give me a second while I pause this movie and check my fridge…
  • You've won first place in a competition, champ. What's the best thing about it?

    • Winning, duh! Ahhh, if I could wear the sweet taste of victory I SO would.
    • What I learned along the way!
    • Going home afterwards and blasting my celebration song
  • Word at the nurse's office is that you've got a bug. What's wrong with you?

    • I'm getting sick…of WINNING! Boom, in your face!
    • Not too sure, but my brain is starting to feel like Swiss cheese…
    • Bah, Cabin Fever
  • Your camp counselor caught you doing something you weren't supposed to. What did you do?

    • Rip the runway…no literally, I ripped it with my super knock-out sweet moves.
    • Smuggle cheese fries to my room -- don't judge me.
    • Forgive me for PARTY ROCKING! (solo dolo)
  • Holy Tim Tebow! There's something in the woods. What is it?

    • My trophy -- it must of fell when I jumped effortlessly over that huge, fallen log
    • AHHH! Something wild, furry, and HUNGRY!
    • Couldn't tell 'ya. I'm allergic to cumbaya.
  • Time to go back home, camper. What will you miss the most?

    • Not being a daily inspiration to my less-able camp mates
    • The friends I made
    • All the free time I had to sit around and do nothing