Quizzes | How Adventurous Are You?

How Adventurous Are You?

Are you an adventure seeker, charging bravely into the unknown? Or when adventure comes a-knockin', do you pretend you're not home? Take this quiz to find out how much adventure you can handle.

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  • If you had the chance to hold a boa constrictor, you'd say:

    • "YES!" and I'd ask a friend to take a photo of me with the snake.
    • "I don't want to hold it, but can I pet it for a sec?"
    • "No, thanks."
  • You're hiking with friends, and the trail leads to river. There's a bridge across, but it's made of rope, and swaying precariously in the wind. You:

    • Say, "This seems like a good place to turn around."
    • Lead the way, feeling like an action movie star.
    • Let a few of my friends go first. If they make it across, I'll know it's safe.
  • What would it take for you to try cactus ice cream?

    • A little convincing -- or a dare.
    • I might try a tiny taste if a good friend says it's delicious.
    • Just a spoon. I'd love to taste it!
  • You'd love to climb:

    • The climbing wall at the local gym.
    • A mountain so steep, I need a safety harness.
    • Back into bed, so I can dream about climbing a mountain.
  • If you're cast in a school play, you'd want to play this role:

    • The love interest, so I'll get to look cute onstage.
    • The villain! It'll be fun to freak the audience out.
    • The character with the fewest lines to memorize.
  • If you went to a costume party, and someone in a mask started flirting with you, you'd:

    • Flirt back.
    • Try my hardest to recognize the person's voice.
    • Find an excuse to walk away. That's way too weird.
  • Your school announces a new rule: Anyone caught texting on school property will be expelled. How will you react?

    • Time for a protest! I'd text the principal asking her to reconsider, and ask all my friends to do the same.
    • I might protest, but only after a bunch of other people do. They can't expel everyone.
    • I'd probably just follow the rule. It's easier than fighting.
  • Imagine that you're stepping up to the mic to give a speech to hundreds of people. How does it feel?

    • Like my worst nightmare. Ugggh.
    • Nerve-wracking. I hope I don't mess up.
    • Exhilarating. In a few seconds, they'll all be listening to ME.
  • When you see extreme sports on TV -- snowboarding, mountain-biking, big-wave surfing -- you tend to think:

    • I would love to try that.
    • That looks fun... but also scary.
    • Those people must be crazy.
  • The most important thing to consider when voting for prom king and queen is:

    • How much they deserve it. I want winners who really care about our class.
    • Whether we're friends. If I think someone's annoying, I can't vote for them.
    • Hotness. I'll have my yearbook (with a big photo of them) forever. I want cute memories!