Quizzes | How Awkward Are You?

How Awkward Are You?

Is your life a nonstop cringe-fest of embarrassing moments, bad timing, and uncomfortable situations? Take this quiz to find out if you're awkward -- or just surrounded by awkward people.

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  • If you're eating at a nice restaurant, you're likely to:

    • Get food on my face
    • Drop my fork on the floor
    • Spill water on myself
    • Do all of the above
    • Do none of the above
  • If the squirrely guy/gal who sits behind you in French asks you out, you'll probably:

    • Ignore him/her.
    • Say, "Merci, mais je ne peux pas." ("Thanks, but I can't.")
    • Say, "Uhhhhhh..." and let my voice trail off in confusion.
  • If you ever get the urge to flirt with the cutie who sits in front of you in French class, you'll probably:

    • Ask "How do you say 'nice eyes' in French?" and then repeat it back to him/her.
    • Try to get him/her as a partner the next time we're working on conversations.
    • Tap him/her on the shoulder, open my mouth, and wonder why words aren't coming out.
  • When are you the sweatiest?

    • When I'm wearing too many layers.
    • When I'm exercising.
    • When someone super-hot walks past me and our elbows sort of touch for a second.
  • If you fall down on your way somewhere, it's most likely because:

    • That's just how I roll.
    • I was pushed. JERK!
    • The sidewalk was wet or icy, and I didn't notice until it was too late.
  • You accidentally walk in on your teacher in the bathroom. OMG. You'll probably:

    • Close the door, say, "Oops, sorry!" and then pretend it never happened.
    • Apologize, and then tell twenty people how stupid I felt.
    • Freeze in place, stammer "It wasn't locked!" and forget to move until the teacher says "Excuse me."
  • If you're laughing so hard that your sides hurt, it's probably because:

    • I'm watching a comedy.
    • I'm taking the SATs, and the essay prompt is hilarious.
    • My friend's mom just tripped over a rug.
  • Awkwardness aside, would you ever want to compete on one of those ballroom dancing TV shows?

    • Sure! I wouldn't win, but I bet I'd have fun.
    • Definitely. If I got a decent partner, we might just win it all.
    • Me? Hahaha. Oh, wait -- are you serious?
  • [Awkward silence.]

    • *Runs away*
    • I'm confused. Was that a question?
    • Ha. I love online quizzes.