Quizzes | How Big Is Your Environmental Footprint?

How Big Is Your Environmental Footprint?

Is your environmental impact a tiny tiptoe or a thunderous stomp? Take this quiz to check how your daily activities affect the earth, and to find out your environmental shoe size.

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  • Power strips are great for:

    • Plugging in a bunch of stuff, so everything's all powered up when I need it.
    • Plugging in even more power strips, so I can use ALL of my electronics at once.
    • Making it easier to reach my plugs when I want to unplug them.
    • Making sure stuff doesn't suck up energy when I'm not using it. I just flip that little switch to "off."
  • If you decide to drive somewhere, it's probably because:

    • Three of my friends and I need a ride, there's no public transportation available, and it's too far to walk.
    • It's kind of far, and the weather isn't exactly walk-friendly.
    • I'm just not in the mood to walk there.
    • Who needs a reason? I just like driving.
  • How green are your shopping habits?

    • I only shop green if I'm buying something green... as in, the color green.
    • A bit green. Once in a while, I say "I don't need a bag."
    • Pretty green. I usually bring my own bag, and I try to buy things that are recycled, recyclable, and reusable.
    • Very green. I always bring my own bag. I only buy things I really need, and I do my best to make environmentally-friendly purchases.
  • What do you like best about gardens?

    • Growing my own food.
    • Growing flowers.
    • Not much. They're dirty and full of weeds. I'd rather stay inside.
    • Squirting pesticides on everything. Die, little buggies, die!
  • You're at a place to eat. What do you order?

    • The meat-lovers supreme with extra ham and a side of hamburger.
    • Maybe something meaty, maybe not -- depends on my mood.
    • A grilled veggie burger with cheese.
    • The vegan tofu scramble. All the yumminess, none of the animal products.
  • You open the mailbox, and it's chock full of junk mail with your name on it. You:

    • Might recycle it -- unless a garbage can is more convenient.
    • Toss it in the recycling bin without looking at it.
    • Ask the companies to remove me from their lists, and then recycle it.
    • Toss it in the trash or on the ground. It's called "junk mail," right?
  • Recycling:

    • A pain in my butt. I throw stuff away when you're not watching.
    • Sigh. I throw stuff away when I feel lazy.
    • Matters. I almost never throw a recyclable thing in the trash.
    • My best friend. It actually hurts me to throw away a recyclable thing.
  • Your idea of the perfect day outdoors involves:

    • Downhill skiing, snowboarding, golfing, or swimming in a pool.
    • Riding an ATV, snowmobiling, water-skiing, or another motor sport.
    • Picking flowers, collecting shells, mountain biking (off the trail).
    • Hanging out, hiking, biking, canoeing, or swimming in a river, lake, or ocean.