Quizzes | How Big Is Your Mouth?

How Big Is Your Mouth?

Are you the type to run your mouth, zip your lips... or somewhere in between? Take the quiz to find out.

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  • If you're whispering, it's probably because:

    • I'm in a whispery place, like a library.
    • I'm revealing something personal about myself.
    • I'm talking about someone who could be nearby.
  • If you have a conversation about a celebrity, it's usually this kind:

    • "I just saw that movie with [celebrity] in it."
    • "I would die if [celebrity] responded to one of my tweets."
    • "[Celebrity]'s nose looks different than it used to. Total nose job, I bet."
  • There's a line for the bathroom at the mall. You see a smart, dorky girl from school exit a stall, and when you walk in, you notice a pregnancy test wrapper sitting on the back of the toilet. You're thinking:

    • It could totally be hers. I've got to tell someone.
    • O... M... G. I never thought that girl would get pregnant. This is huge news.
    • Someone else probably left it there. And either way, it's none of my business.
  • A friend is ranting about when it's appropriate to wear leggings -- and you completely disagree with her opinion. You'll probably:

    • Mention my point of view once, then let it drop. Her feelings seem pretty strong.
    • Explain in detail how I feel. Maybe she'll start to see things my way.
    • Argue my side. I mean, she's WRONG, and it's my duty as a friend to let her know.
  • You see a kid who's running for class president walking out of a mental health clinic. You:

    • Might mention it to a friend. I mean, I wonder why he was there.
    • Spread the word. Do we really want a president who might be crazy?
    • Don't think anything of it.
  • You're playing a game alone at home, and get the highest score you've ever seen in your life. You:

    • Do a little dance around the room.
    • Text some friends -- 2 million points! I WIN!
    • Post a screenshot on facebook. "Who's the champion, SUCKAS!"
  • During class, you smell a horrific fart -- the silent-but-deadly kind. You'll probably:

    • Laugh and point at the person I suspect is the source.
    • Say, "Can somebody please open a window? It's like a toxic waste dump up in here."
    • Do my best to ignore it.
  • Your friend tells you that she thinks her boyfriend might be gay. You:

    • Talk to her (and nobody else) about why she feels that way.
    • Ask a gay friend what he thinks of the situation.
    • Ask a few of her boyfriend's friends, and try to sort out the truth.