Quizzes | How Clare Are You?

How Clare Are You?

Do you have a lot in common with Clare from Degrassi -- or are you her total opposite? This quiz will clarify how Clare-like you are!

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  • You're walking to class when you see a girl with a broken leg struggling to go up some stairs on her crutches. You don't know her. You'll probably:

    • Offer to carry her stuff, even if it makes me a few minutes late for class.
    • Ask if she needs any help (and secretly hope she says "No.")
    • Look away, because if I keep watching, I'm gonna laugh.
  • You know that feeling you get when you've gotten away with something? Do you like it?

    • I love it. It's such a rush.
    • It depends on the situation. I don't want someone else to take the blame.
    • No. I prefer the sense of relief I get when I confess the truth.
  • If two of your closest, Degrassi-loving-est friends had a huge argument, how would you handle it?

    • I'd talk to each of them separately and urge them to make peace.
    • I'd side with one friend, and avoid the other friend until it all blows over.
    • I'd ask them to call a temporary truce before the next episode airs.
  • If you dated someone for a month or so, and then discovered they had an eating disorder, how would you react?

    • I'd be really concerned about them, and do whatever I can to help.
    • I'd give them some space. They need time to figure things out.
    • I'd be mad at them for not telling me. That's a serious problem.
  • The loudmouth kid in your English class gets suspended for fighting. If he asks to borrow your notes when he gets back, you'll probably say:

    • "How about if I make a photocopy for you?"
    • "Sure, if you copy them really quick, during class."
    • "No." (If he asks why, I'll make up an excuse on the spot.)
  • Here are three Spring Break options. If they each cost the same amount, which one would you choose?

    • Cramming in as much fun as possible. I want beaches, amusement parks, and parties.
    • Volunteering to help build a house for a homeless family.
    • Traveling to London and Paris, and visiting lots of museums.
  • If you meet someone new, and they're really excited to meet you, how might you react?

    • I'd be a bit surprised, and curious what they've heard about me.
    • I'd be skeptical. When someone's overly friendly, I question their motives.
    • I'd be friendly to them. They're probably just being nice.
  • A mysterious new student transfers to your school. What would make you the most interested in getting to know this person?

    • Finding out the new student likes to write.
    • Hearing a rumor that the new student likes me.
    • Spotting the new student driving a hearse.