Quizzes | How Clingy Are You?

How Clingy Are You?

Close friendships and relationships are good... right? Check if yours are the good kind of close, or the "Hey, you're suffocating me!" kind of close. Take this quiz.

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  • If you're at a party with the person you're dating, what usually happens?

    • We spend some time together and some time with other friends. Isn't the whole point of a party to hang out with lots of cool people at once?
    • We spend most of the night near each other, but we're not necessarily touching the whole time.
    • We either hold hands or have our arms around each other all night. The physical connection lets other people know we're together (and coziness = fun).
  • When you're hanging out with your friends or someone you like, do you ever get concerned about whether or not they're having fun?

    • Yeah. I tend to ask things like "Are you bored?" and "Do you want to leave?" even if they seem fine.
    • Not that concerned. If someone I'm with is miserable, I like to think he/she will speak up or do something about it.
    • Maybe a little, if they get really quiet or look annoyed.
  • The person you're dating announces that his/her ex is in town, and they're meeting up for coffee. How do you react?

    • "Thanks for telling me... should I be worried about this?"
    • "I don't understand why you'd want to spend time with an ex. I thought you liked me."
    • "Okay, have fun. But not too much fun!"
  • When you're dating someone, how important is it for his/her family to like you?

    • It's not crucial, but it's nice if they at least know my name.
    • Very important. If the family thinks I'm great, maybe he/she will decide to keep dating me.
    • I don't really care either way. It's not like I'm dating the family.
  • How often do you communicate with your best friends?

    • We're not in constant contact, but I know they're there for me if I need them.
    • We talk and email whenever we have something to say (even if it's not always something important).
    • Usually at least once a day, even if nothing has changed since the last time we checked in.
  • You see a new action movie with your family and love it. Your friends see it later, and question how you could like something so cheesy and dumb. You:

    • joke that they're too jaded to appreciate fine cinema. Really, it wasn't that bad!
    • listen as they point out its flaws, and then make a half-hearted attempt to defend the movie.
    • suddenly realize it did suck, and wonder why I didn't notice the lameness on my own.
  • You're home alone with no plans for the entire day. What will you end up doing?

    • I'll probably spend a few hours online or on my phone to avoid feeling lonely.
    • I'll probably call everyone I know until I find something to do. I'll go crazy if I spend the whole day alone.
    • If I feel like relaxing, I'll catch up on my favorite TV shows. If I feel like a project, I'll reorganize my room.
  • How familiar are you with the daily schedules of your friends and the people you date?

    • In general, I am happier if I know where they are and who they're with on any given night, but I won't bug them about it.
    • I usually have a good idea where these people are and when they'll be home.
    • I'm vaguely familiar with their activities. If someone always works on Saturday night, I like to keep that in mind when I'm making plans.
  • How scared are you that your bf/gf might leave you, or that your friends might stop liking you?

    • I guess it crosses my mind once in a while, if I'm feeling insecure and sad.
    • That's pretty much my worst nightmare. These people are my world.
    • OK, that would suck. But I can't think of any reason why it would happen -- they like me!
  • If you leave a voicemail message for a close friend or the person you're dating, and don't get a call back, how long will you wait before calling again?

    • Maybe a few hours. If I really need to talk, I don't want to wait much longer than that.
    • Maybe a day or so. I'll be a little annoyed that the person hasn't returned my call.
    • Quite a while. And when I follow up, I'll probably send a quick email or a text instead of leaving another message.