Quizzes | How Cold Are You?

How Cold Are You?

Are you cold-hearted? Or do you warm up other people's icy insides? This quiz will stick a thermometer straight into your heart (Ouch!), and check how cold the temperature's getting in there.

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  • You see a baby bird with an injured wing in front of your house. You:

    • Wonder if the neighbor's cat is hungry. Things die -- they might as well get eaten.
    • Think, "I bet it'll be dead soon," and walk away.
    • Take a picture and post it online, with the caption, "Life sucks."
    • Might not even notice. I'm usually in a rush.
    • Tell my parents or a neighbor about it.
    • Put it in a cardboard box and call an animal rescue place.
  • Would you dump someone the day before his/her birthday?

    • Sure, why not? Love is a big lie anyway.
    • Well, I'm not going to keep dating some hoser just because he/she was born on a certain day!
    • Yeah, especially if I didn't want to go to his/her party.
    • Maybe not intentionally, but I'm pretty forgetful about birthdays.
    • I hope not. That's pretty harsh.
    • No. Even if things are bad, I'll stick it out a few more days.
  • Someone from school sends you a text asking you out, but you're not attracted to him/her at all. You'll probably:

    • Forward it to a few friends, who'll send it to their friends, in a never-ending chain of mockery.
    • Write back, "Stop texting me!"
    • Write back, "Sorry, not interested." I would NEVER be seen with him/her.
    • Forget all about it in five minutes.
    • Write back, "I'm busy, sorry. I'll see you in class."
    • Write back, "I don't feel that way, but I'm glad we're friends."
  • You're walking down an icy sidewalk. Someone in front of you is on crutches, carrying a large shopping bag -- a slow mover who takes up lots of space. You:

    • Push by him/her. People are always getting in my way.
    • Say, "Excuse me!" pretty loudly, so he/she will move aside and let me pass.
    • Think, "Ugh, I'm going to be numb by the time I get home."
    • Cross to the other side of the street. It's too cold to walk this slow.
    • Don't mind walking a little slower. I'm less likely to slip.
    • Offer to carry the bag.
  • You and a friend are hanging out together at your house, when he/she says, "I feel kinda funny," and vomits all over your favorite sweatshirt. What do you do first?

    • Kick that sick, nasty freak out of my house.
    • Decide this person will henceforth be known as "The Puker."
    • Throw the sweatshirt away. It'll never feel clean again.
    • Toss the shirt in the wash, and ask if he/she wants to go home.
    • I'd probably laugh at the nastiness and say "You just puked on my favorite shirt!!"
    • Don't care about the sweatshirt at all -- is my friend OK?
  • How are things with your friends?

    • What friends? Almost everyone annoys me, especially after the puke incident.
    • They're OK for now, but I'm watching my back.
    • Things are fine, as long as they never make me look bad in public.
    • The only people I see regularly are people who go all the same places I do.
    • Pretty good -- I trust them and we give each other honest advice.
    • So good. They are literally my favorite people on the planet.
  • You're watching a TV movie about a teenage hiker who gets lost in the woods on a cold winter day, when you get the feeling it's not going to have a happy ending. You:

    • Keep watching. Ultimately, we all die alone, right?
    • Get annoyed at the kid for being so stupid. It's called GPS, dude.
    • Appreciate the realism. I don't want to watch a cheesy Hollywood ending anyway.
    • Change the channel. There's got to be something better on.
    • Hope tons of people are watching this. Never hike alone!
    • Wish I could leap into the TV (with lots of water and energy bars) and help that kid find the way home.