Quizzes | How Crushable Are You?

How Crushable Are You?

Do you have what it takes to make people swoon? To inspire deep sighs and puppy-dog eyes? This quiz has never met you, but it's fully prepared to assess your crushability.

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  • The cutest person in class comes up to you and says "Hey, I like your hair!" and smiles. What's your response?

    • "Are you making fun of me?"
    • "Really? It takes forever to do." *Nervous laughter*
    • "Thanks!"
    • "I know."
  • So, you're into someone and you've made it known. But that someone is now making it clear that they're not interested. What's running through your head?

    • Seriously? Their loss.
    • Wait. Why don't they like me?
    • Um, no. No one plays me like that.
    • Why did I ever tell people? I should have known this would happen.
  • You see someone walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to the back of her shoe. Do you tell her?

    • No. Friend or no, that's totally funny. She'll figure it out herself.
    • Yeah, I'd let her know. I'd want someone to do the same for me.
    • Only if she's a friend of mine. Otherwise, I probably just chuckle to myself.
    • Um... probably not. I don't want to make her feel embarrassed.
  • You invite a friend to grab coffee with you, but they say, "I have zero cash." You only have enough on you to pay for your own. What happens next?

    • I say, "Oh, OK." (Is the no-cash thing just an excuse to avoid spending time with me?)
    • I offer to share my usual drink.
    • I order something super-cheap so I can afford both our drinks.
    • I say, "Maybe some other time then."
  • You're wearing a T-shirt for a band you love, and somebody cool walks by and says, "Eww, that band sucks." You:

    • Say, "Oh, c'mon. Some of their stuff is good!"
    • Say, "Don't be a hater!"
    • Say, "Your face sucks."
    • Feel embarrassed. From now on, I'll only wear it to sleep.
  • You get a few flirty texts from a number you don't recognize. You:

    • Send a normal text back, asking for a hint about who it is.
    • Send a flirty text back. I'll solve this mystery on my own.
    • Figure it's a wrong # or somebody's messing with my head.
    • Cringe. Some loser is probably obsessed with me.
  • Pick one thing you're really good at:

    • Staying in touch with old friends
    • Holding awkward conversations
    • Remembering the faces and/or names of people I meet
    • Does "basically everything" count as one thing?
  • When's the last time you gave someone a compliment?

    • Probably some time today. I love making people smile.
    • Hmmm. Probably sometime this week.
    • A while ago. I worry people will think I'm like a stalker or something.
    • Not recently. It takes a LOT to impress me.