Quizzes | How Do You Inspire Others?

How Do You Inspire Others?

In order to Help And Lead Others (HALO), you've got to feel good about yourself first. Find out what makes you feel inspired -- and how you inspire others. Take this quiz!

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  • Pick a little thing that might brighten your day:

    • Reading an encouraging quote.
    • Hearing an uplifting song with an energetic beat.
    • Making a game-winning play for my team.
    • Watching a video of a sleepy puppy or laughing baby.
  • When doing projects, you'd be happiest in a group where:

    • I use my positive attitude to motivate my team when faced with obstacles.
    • My advice and opinion is valued by my teammates.
    • I can focus on applying my skills to make my big ideas a reality.
    • My organizing skills guide my team to success.
  • If your friend accomplishes something amazing, you're most likely to:

    • Scream excitedly when I first hear the news. I might even jump up and down.
    • Tell everyone I know.
    • Give that friend an extra-huggy hug.
    • High-five that friend.
  • When you're tired or in a bad mood, what motivates you to keep going?

    • Taking a little break to get a breath of fresh air. It always helps.
    • Knowing I can turn to my mom, teacher or mentor for support.
    • The little voice in my head that says "You can do this."
    • Talking to a funny friend. Laughter fixes everything.
  • Your favorite way to spend your lunch time is:

    • Hanging out with my friends and inviting new people to join in the conversation.
    • Going from table to table to get a petition signed in support of a cause I feel passionate about.
    • Organizing lunch-time games to play in the cafeteria with my friends on a rainy day.
    • Helping my classmates study for an upcoming test or putting the finishing touches on a team project.
  • When my BFF is down, I show support by:

    • Telling them something positive about themselves, if they are being too critical.
    • Cheering them on if they are ready to give up on something important.
    • Being available to talk to them if they're worried about anything.
    • Telling a funny joke to brighten their mood.
  • You feel most inspired when you're:

    • Walking to school/work in the morning.
    • Standing behind a podium, holding a microphone.
    • Crossing a finish line.
    • Listening or reading about someone I admire.
  • Choose one thing that can give you a burst of inspiration:

    • Real smiles. Fake ones just aren't the same.
    • Positive feedback. It's so much more helpful than the mean kind.
    • That warm glow I get when I've accomplished one of my goals.
    • The rush of adrenaline I get when I face my fears. I love that!