Quizzes | How Dorky Are You?

How Dorky Are You?

You might think you're dorky, but if you want to know for sure, you're in the right spot. Our dork-o-meter is carefully calibrated to measure your dorkitude. Take the quiz.

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  • When is the last time you skipped in public?

    • Very recently
    • In the past year or so
    • Maybe when I was five?
    • The only skipping I do is skipping school.
    • I don't skip anything.
  • If you're wearing socks that don't match, it's probably because:

    • I got dressed in a hurry.
    • I was feeling mixy-matchy this morning.
    • N/A. That would never happen to me.
  • Not counting when you were a kid, have you ever carried a little toy around with you on a regular basis?

    • Yeah, it's in my bag right now.
    • Maybe -- if I had a new gadget or something.
    • Never.
  • If you see someone with their pants unzipped you'll probably say,

    • "Your pants are unzipped."
    • "XYZ, dude."
    • "Have you checked the barn door lately? You might wanna CHECK THE BARN DOOR."
  • Have you ever worn a special costume to see a movie in the theater?

    • Yeah, a bunch of times.
    • Once, and I'm sort of embarrassed about it.
    • No.
  • You're in the park when you see a group of people in old-timey outfits using cardboard tubes to have a sword fight. Your first instinct is to:

    • Run up and ask if I can join in
    • Laugh at them... loudly
    • Laugh at them (but secretly think it looks fun)
  • Do you own any bobblehead dolls?

    • Of course. They're awesome. *bobble, bobble*
    • I might have one somewhere.
    • No. My life is bobble-free.
  • If you're mid-sentence and you can't think of a certain word, you'll:

    • Make up my own word, like "Magic clicky TV-turn-onny-thing."
    • Say, "The TV thing."
    • Say, "Nevermind."
  • You'd be most excited to see a vampire movie where:

    • The vampires are likable underdogs.
    • The vampires burst into song on a regular basis.
    • All the vampires die.