Quizzes | How Emo Are You?

How Emo Are You?

It's not about how you dress or what music you like. It's about the very essence of your soul.

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  • You're most likely to reach for your camera if you see...

    • a brick wall covered in layers of chipping paint.
    • a puppy playing with a sock.
    • my friends acting like idiots.
  • When you make a mix CD for someone, it's usually because:

    • Some feelings are best expressed through a sequence of carefully chosen songs.
    • He/she gave me one.
    • I think he/she will be into this music.
  • Has your BF/GF ever seen you cry?

    • Of course.
    • Maybe once.
    • Not that I can remember.
    • I don't have a BF/GF.
  • When you date someone, what attracts you to him/her?

    • It's like we have this unspoken bond. I can't explain it.
    • It's an intense physical thing. You might call it "hotness."
    • I guess it's both of those, kinda blended together.
    • I told you -- I'm single. Please stop bringing it up.
  • On a scale from one to ten, how shy are you?

    • (not shy at all)
    • (not shy, except when it involves public speaking)
    • (medium shy)
    • 10 (very shy)
    • Help! My shyness number isn't listed, and I don't know what to do.
  • When you wake up from a vivid dream, you're most likely to:

    • analyze every detail in my journal, and try to figure out what it meant.
    • tell a friend about it, and laugh about the weird parts.
    • make some breakfast and forget about it.
  • How often do you feel so passionate (or so frustrated) about something that you can barely function?

    • Once a day or so
    • Once a month or so
    • Once a year or so
    • I don't think I ever get like that.
  • You sign in to your online profile and notice that one of your favorite people unfriended you. How do you react?

    • I delete my profile so nobody can ever hurt me this way again.
    • I send a quick "Hey, what's up?" message to find out what happened.
    • I roll my eyes and forget about it.
  • You're most likely to check a blog regularly if it contains:

    • long, personal confessions.
    • medium-sized posts about music and movies.
    • quick random thoughts.
  • Aww! A friend baked you a batch of your favorite cookies, and it's not even your birthday or anything. The very first thing you'll do is:

    • hug my cookie-baking friend.
    • ask what inspired the cookie fest.
    • eat one.