Quizzes | How Evil Are You?

How Evil Are You?

Just how wicked are your wicked ways? Put your plans to destroy the world on hold for a moment, and this evil quiz will evaluate your evilness.

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  • Are you good with kids?

    • Yeah! Kids love me.
    • Depends on the kid.
    • I think so, but their parents don't always agree.
    • Not really. I tend to catch myself saying the wrong thing.
    • Ew. I'll wait outside until the kids are gone.
  • If someone put you in charge of babysitting a two year old for the day, you'd make it your personal mission to teach him/her:

    • A new word.
    • A curse word.
    • To make a crazy face anytime someone takes out a camera.
    • How to manipulate people. It's never too early to learn.
  • If you find a magic ring on the street that turns you invisible, the first thing you'll do is:

    • Spy on my enemies.
    • Spy on my friends.
    • Drink a glass of juice in front of a mirror, because I bet it'll look like the glass is flying.
    • Turn it in to the police. I'm sure the owner wants it back.
  • Your close friend Megan is running for student body president. You know if she wins, she'll have a lot less time to hang out with you. You:

    • Help her with her campaign, so we can at least spend time together now.
    • Vote against her, and then feel bad about it for weeks, whether she wins or not.
    • Tell her that I've been hearing nasty rumors about her. (I won't mention that I started them.)
    • Subtly question her qualifications until her self-esteem is so low that she withdraws from the race.
  • If you suddenly inherit enough money to buy (or build) your dream home, where do you think you'll end up living?

    • Someplace fancy, but not too fancy. I don't want my friends to envy me.
    • An ancient stone castle with lots of gargoyles
    • A home that looks normal on the outside, but has a ginormous secret basement full of powerful computers
    • The same place I live now. I really like it here.
  • When you're plotting revenge on someone, how do you feel inside?

    • I don't "plot revenge" on people. I forgive them.
    • I feel like a terrible person for even thinking about revenge.
    • Very, very calm.
    • Excited. It's payback time!
  • How many enemies do you have?

    • None, as far as I know.
    • Just one -- my arch nemesis.
    • I don't love everyone, but "enemy" is a strong word.
    • Too many to count (and they have no idea how much I despise them).
  • At the grocery store, you look down the freezer aisle just as a stranger slips on a wet spot and falls down hard. You:

    • Rush over and ask, "Are you okay?"
    • Feel guilty, because I noticed that spill earlier and didn't tell anyone.
    • Totally hid the "Caution: Wet Floor" sign.
    • Laugh.
  • If you're watching a horror movie with a friend who's extremely scared of horror movies, you'll probably:

    • Keep a few lights on, and talk a lot, so my friend won't be scared.
    • Watch it in the dark. It'll be so funny if my friend freaks out.
    • Tell my friend that the movie is based on a true story, that it happened nearby, and that the police never solved the crime. (All lies.)
    • Turn it off. Why give my poor friend nightmares?
  • A friend calls you, very upset, because someone hacked into one of his/her online profiles. Now it's full of offensive photos and vile insults. You think:

    • That sucks! (But I can't resist checking the profile, just to see how bad it really is.)
    • It's really sad when people are that mean to each other.
    • He/she is such a whiner. Change it back, change your password, end of story.
    • It's really ironic that he/she called me -- I'm the one who did it.