Quizzes | How Fake Are You?

How Fake Are You?

Is your personality pure and natural... or practically plastic? This quiz will peek inside your head and rate your realness.

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  • You pass one of your favorite celebrities on the street. You call out to him/her and say, "Hi," and he/she sort of waves at you before leaving. Later, you'll tell your friends:

    • So-and-so waved at me.
    • So-and-so waved at me in a way that I swear means, "I love you!"
    • So-and-so totally checked me out.
    • I got to talk to so-and-so and it was amazing! (What? I did talk -- I said "Hi.")
  • Your aunt gives you a rad pair of jeans that look just like designer ones, but they only cost $5. If anyone says, "I like your jeans," You'll say:

    • "Really?! Can you tell they're totally fake?"
    • "Thanks. You would NOT believe how much they cost."
    • "Thanks. They were a gift from my rich aunt."
    • "Thanks. I love everything by this designer -- all the clothes look so good on me."
  • Do you act and dress differently around different people?

    • Nah, I'm just me, wherever I go.
    • Yeah. If I'm at work or something, I tone it down.
    • Yes, especially if I'm around someone I really want to impress.
    • Definitely -- if you saw me with a different group, you might not even recognize me!
  • You're having a bad day for pretty personal reasons. If a not-very-close friend asks how you are, you'll say:

    • "Sucky, but I'd rather not talk about it."
    • "I'm OK."
    • "I'm fine!"
    • "I'm awesome!" (And I'll smile a big smile, so it's convincing.)
  • Would you lie on a résumé or job application?

    • No. I'd be worried that they might fire me later if they found out the truth.
    • I might tell a tiny lie that made me sound more qualified for the position.
    • Sure. Everyone exaggerates on job applications. I think bosses just expect it.
    • Definitely. I'll even list my friends as fake references, and tell them exactly what to say if anyone calls.
  • If you knew you could get out of a pop quiz just by saying, "I don't feel well today," you'd probably:

    • Take it anyway.
    • Take the quiz, but if it turns out to be hard, I'll tell the teacher right afterwards that I'm not feeling well.
    • Say, "I just threw up. I think I should go home."
    • Bring on the coughs and sniffles! The teacher will have no choice but to dismiss me.
  • Could you be nice to someone you had JUST trash-talked?

    • I could, but why would I want to? I'd rather tell him/her exactly how I feel.
    • I could, but I'd feel uncomfortable. I'd rather avoid him/her.
    • Yes, but only if I knew for sure that he/she hadn't overheard me.
    • Of course. Everyone talks about their friends behind their backs -- it's a fact of life.
  • Do you think "Just be yourself!" is good advice?

    • Yes. I think in most situations, it's the best advice.
    • Yes, but there are exceptions. If I'm in a job interview, I won't joke around like I do with my friends.
    • Sometimes. But if someone's feeling shy, I think it's better for them to act really outgoing.
    • No. If celebrities teach us anything, it's that you've got to work hard to create an image for yourself.
  • Your annoying neighbor is throwing a huge sweet-sixteen party and hiring a band you love... You haven't been invited yet. You'll:

    • Find a way to mention how much I love that band. You never know...
    • Ask if they need any help setting up for the party. Maybe that'll get me in.
    • Send a text this week, and mention in the note how I wish we could celebrate together in person.
    • Bring over a nice present, with a sweet, emotional card about how much it has meant to me to grow up next door to such awesomeness.