Quizzes | How Forgiving Are You?

How Forgiving Are You?

Do you happily accept every apology... or are you a grudge-holding revenge-plotter? To find out where you fall on the forgiveness scale, take this quiz!

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  • If a friend tells you that you and your crush would make an ugly couple, you'll:

    • Feel a bit hurt, but try to shake it off.
    • Hear it over and over in my head.
    • Let it roll off my shoulders. It's just one person's opinion.
  • You forget to set an alarm, oversleep, and miss out on a road trip with friends. Will you forgive yourself?

    • *Sigh* Yes, but I'll still be sad about missing the trip.
    • Maybe -- but only after being really mad at myself for a while.
    • No, and I also won't forgive THEM! Why didn't they find a way to wake me?
  • You lend a friend your favorite book (which is still in great condition). When she returns it, she apologizes, because her dog chewed up part of the cover. How do you react?

    • I ask her to buy me a new copy of the book. It's my favorite book, and that's the fair solution.
    • I forgive her, but I'm a little annoyed. She shouldn't have left it where the dog could reach it.
    • I forgive her -- and the dog. It's just a book.
  • Your friend gets dumped just before your birthday party. He comes to the party, but spends the whole time crying in a corner, and telling everyone who'll listen about the breakup. You'll:

    • Understand. Breakups are hard.
    • Understand... but I might wish he'd stayed home.
    • Avoid inviting him to future parties.
  • Something big happens, and you send a friend a text that says "Call me ASAP." You wait and wait, but... No call. No text. When you see your friend next, you'll probably:

    • Tell the story I would've told on the phone.
    • Say, "Hey... did you get my text?"
    • Walk on by, and talk to another friend instead -- someone who appreciates me.
  • After you've dated someone for a few months, they confess to cheating and beg your forgiveness. You'll probably:

    • Need some time to figure out how I feel. Cheating is a big deal.
    • Curse them out.
    • Forgive them... and maybe keep dating them, since they were honest about it.
  • You leave your phone on the kitchen counter. When you go back to get it, you find your aunt reading your text messages. She apologizes for being nosy. You:

    • Forgive her. Phones are fun to play with.
    • Say, "I forgive you, but please don't ever do that again."
    • Can't stop wondering which texts she read. What an invasion of privacy!
  • How do you typically feel when someone apologizes to you?

    • Annoyed. The words "I'm sorry" don't change what happened.
    • A bit relieved. At least the person admits doing something wrong.
    • Better. Now we can move on. No more weirdness.
  • Back in 5th grade, this girl had a party and didn't invite you -- it was really painful at the time. Now you're both in high school, and you run into her while hanging out with some friends. You:

    • Feel a little wary of her. But if she proves to be a nicer person now, maybe we can be cool.
    • Mention the fact that she didn't invite me to that party the second someone introduces us.
    • Think it's funny that we both hang with the same people now. Ah, life.
  • Forgiveness means:

    • Telling someone what they did is OK.
    • Letting go of the past.
    • Taking the high road.