Quizzes | How Generous Are You?

How Generous Are You?

Is it all "me me me" for you? Or all "them them them?" Or somewhere in between? Take this quiz, and let a computer tell you what kind of person you are. Or whatever.

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  • You only have ten minutes left on your cell phone. A friend needs to call his mom to tell her some great news; he promises it'll only take like 5 minutes. Do you let him make the call?

    • No. If I had tons of minutes left, I would. But I need to keep those minutes just in case.
    • No. Down with moochers.
    • I guess so...
    • Absolutely.
  • You go out for pizza with some friends, and after everyone drops their share on the table, you're a couple bucks short for the tip. What do you do?

    • What's a "tip"?
    • Leave the amount as is -- tips are flexible.
    • Make everyone cough up a few more bucks so we can tip the server.
    • Cough up a few more bucks myself -- I don't mind.
  • When it comes to birthday and holiday gifts, how much do you usually put into them?

    • a lot of time and effort.
    • some time and effort.
    • not much time and effort.
  • Would you spend your own allowance or hard-earned money on a gift for your teacher?

    • For my favorite, favorite teacher in my whole life, yeah.
    • No, my parents can buy that one.
    • Sure. It's my teacher after all.
  • Shopping for holiday presents for friends and family is:

    • nothing but pain.
    • my favorite.
    • a pain, but if I think about how much I love the people I'm shopping for it gets better.
  • You love giving gifts because:

    • I love to see the look on people's faces when they see what I found for them.
    • I love to be the king of all gift givers and wow them with my gift giving abilities.
    • I don't really love giving gifts. I do it because I'm supposed to.
  • Have you ever done volunteer work for a charity organization?

    • Yes, because I was part of a school group or other group that did some volunteer work together.
    • Yes, on my own.
    • I tried but they said I was too young.
    • No.
  • A close friend's computer breaks down a few days before a big paper is due. He/she asks to borrow your laptop to type up the assignment -- for just one night. What's your response?

    • Sure. It's only one night.
    • No. It's MINE.
    • OK, but if I ever ask to borrow anything, he/she better say yes.
  • Why be generous?

    • Because possessions don't bring true happiness, but making other people smile does.
    • Because what goes around comes around.
    • I don't know... because you're a total sucker?
  • You win a $100 gift certificate singing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song in a karaoke contest. How will you spend it?

    • I'll buy a little something for my BFF, and a big something for myself.
    • I'll buy a bunch of little surprises for my friends and family.
    • I'll buy myself something nice. I'm the one who won, so I deserve it!