Quizzes | How Girly Are You?

How Girly Are You?

Think girly-girls are all about lace and bows and crying? They're not. Take this quiz to find out if you are one.

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  • Close your eyes for a few seconds, and picture the perfect phone. What does it look like?

    • It's covered in rhinestones. No, wait -- diamonds!
    • It's tiny and light, but still has a million cool features.
    • It's completely waterproof and gets reception anywhere I go.
  • On a first date, your potential love interest arrives at your door with a bouquet of daisies. You say, "Thanks, I'll put them in water." And then you...

    • Think to myself, "That's sweet, but roses are more romantic."
    • Start coughing, so I can play sick and end the date early. Flowers aren't my thing.
    • Go put them in water.
  • How do you feel about pink?

    • It's the prettiest color in the entire world.
    • Wait, do you mean the color? Or the singer?
    • Umm... can I pick "black" instead?
  • Where do you keep your shoes?

    • If they're not on my feet, I just kinda throw them wherever.
    • I put them in the closet or under my bed.
    • I have a special storage system for them.
  • How many dresses do you own?

    • A bunch, but a girl can always use more.
    • A few. I mostly wear them to special events.
    • Does a long T-shirt count?
  • When you "do your nails," you:

    • File them myself, and use nail polish if I'm feeling up to it
    • Get a manicure (at a nail place, or from a friend)
    • Bite them, or color them in with a black magic marker
  • Your idea of connecting with nature:

    • A picnic in the park
    • An 8-hour hike
    • Outdoor seating at my favorite cafe
  • What do you like best about Angelina Jolie?

    • The way she does her eyeliner
    • The way she does all that humanitarian work
    • The way she did her own stunts in the Tomb Raider movies
  • If someone says you smell nice, you might say:

    • "Oh, it's probably my scented lotion."
    • "Thanks, it's [insert perfume brand here]."
    • "Maybe it's my deodorant?"
  • Would you wear 2-inch heels?

    • Maybe... if I'm not in the mood for the 3-inch ones.
    • Maybe for a special occasion -- or a Halloween party.
    • Me in heels? Ha.