Quizzes | How Good of a Kisser Are You?

How Good of a Kisser Are You?

Lean in, tilt your head slightly, and tell this quiz everything you know about kissing. It'll rate your answers and tell you if you're a good kisser... or not.

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  • How do you feel about flossing?

    • I only floss when I have a dentist appointment.
    • I floss once in a while.
    • I floss every day.
  • You're milliseconds away from kissing someone you've never kissed before. You feel:

    • So anxious I'm shaking.
    • Nervous, but in a good way.
    • Excited.
  • If you're wearing lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick and you sense that a kiss is coming, you'll:

    • Pucker up! In a minute, we'll both be wearing it.
    • Quickly apply more, so my lips are extra glossy.
    • Find a subtle way to wipe it off, pre-kiss.
  • If your tongue touches someone else's tongue during a kiss, you'll call it:

    • Practicin' my FRENCH!
    • Making out
    • An unfortunate accident
  • Choose a kissing location:

    • A stick-shift car
    • A comfy couch
    • A school hallway
  • The best place for your hands mid-kiss:

    • Against the other person's shoulders in case I want to push them away
    • Around the other person's back, in case I want to pull them closer
    • Hair, back, shoulders, cheeks... how can I pick just one?
  • Would you rather have your eyes open or closed during a kiss?

    • Open, so I can see my partner's expression and figure out if I’m doing this right.
    • Closed, so I can focus on what's happening between us.
    • It depends on the kiss.
  • Running out of air mid-kiss is:

    • A sign that we need to catch our breath
    • A sign of how passionate things are between us
    • Something that only happens to amateurs