Quizzes | How Green Are You?

How Green Are You?

Are you an animal-loving, water-saving, recycled-paper-using tree hugger... or not? Take this quiz to find out how environmentally friendly your life is.

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  • If you're going to the movies with a few friends, you'll usually:

    • Meet at someone's house and pile into one car.
    • All drive ourselves, and meet up at the theater.
    • Take public transportation, like a bus or subway.
  • In the shower, you:

    • Just want to get clean. Get in and out as quickly as possible!
    • Are generally efficient, but prefer a long shower when I have the time.
    • Enjoy my special private relaxation time with all that hot water.
  • On the way home, you notice a stray cat is following you. The poor guy seems a little lost. What do you do?

    • Nothing. Not my cat, not my problem.
    • Check him for a tag or call Animal Control. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on him.
    • Stop to pet him before I keep walking. I hope someone else has time to help him.
  • A friend forwards you an email asking you to contact Congress about protecting an endangered animal you've never heard of before. You:

    • Do it, and pass the info along to a few other people.
    • Do it.
    • Duh-lete!
  • You're at the store buying just one magazine, and the cashier starts putting it in a bag. You're:

    • Dying to read that magazine!
    • Bummed she's putting it in a bag, but you won't make a scene.
    • Willing to say "Oh...I don't need a bag. Thank you!" Bagging that mag would be pretty ridiculous.
  • How far would you go to recycle a can?

    • I'd hand it to someone who was headed toward the recycling bin.
    • I'd put it in the recycling bin. But only if there's one around.
    • I'd hang on to it if there were no recycling bin around, so I could recycle it later.
  • You're at a party, and everyone's drinking punch out of plastic cups. A friend offers to go get more for both of you. You thank her and:

    • Let her bring you punch in a fresh cup, because re-using a cup is gross.
    • Let her bring you punch in a fresh cup, just because it's easier than keeping everyone's spit straight.
    • Pass her your cup for a refill.
  • When we say "Global warming!" you say:

    • "Let's do something about it before it gets any worse."
    • "Honestly, I wouldn't mind if it got a little warmer."
    • "I know it's bad, but I'm not totally sure what I can do about it."
  • On your way out of a room, you:

    • Always shut off the light. No sense burning electricity when no one's around.
    • Sometimes forget to hit the switch... but it's just one light.
    • Leave the lights on. Who cares?
  • Are you more likely to reach for an organic apple or a regular apple?

    • Organic, definitely. Pesticides creep me out.
    • Either one is fine.
    • Regular. If pesticides were bad for you, they'd be illegal, right?