Quizzes | How Holly J Are You?

How Holly J Are You?

Are you a goal-oriented go-getter who gives new meaning to the phrase "whatever it takes"? Find out how much you and Holly J Sinclair have in common. Take this quiz!

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  • Can you imagine yourself running for a political office someday?

    • Yes, but it's not just a daydream -- I know I'll do it.
    • Sure, I could be into that someday. Who knows?
    • No. I'll vote, but I don't want to run.
  • If you went to Degrassi, you'd love to:

    • Hang out with friends after school.
    • Read the video announcements.
    • Run for student government.
    • Try out for the power squad.
    • Stage manage the school play.
    • Do all of these. I'll make it work.
  • If you entered a public speaking competition, you'd probably:

    • Die.
    • Feel nervous, but get through it somehow.
    • Win.
  • You're decorating the gym for a dance, and you haven't eaten since lunch -- but if you take a dinner break, you won't finish in time. You'll probably:

    • Finish decorating. I'll find something to eat as soon as this is done.
    • Grab something from a snack machine, just to keep myself going.
    • Take a break. Food is FAR more important than a dance.
  • Do you make a lot of lists?

    • Not really.
    • I make a list now and then.
    • Yes. To-do lists, lists of goals... I could make a list of all my lists!
  • Your ten page paper is due tomorrow. It 1 a.m. and you only have 8 pages. You'll:

    • Write a short conclusion and go to bed. Sleep is essential.
    • Give myself one more hour -- then it's bedtime for sure.
    • Keep working till I'm happy with it. My grade matters more than one night's sleep.
  • When you see a news story about young entrepreneurs, you think:

    • "Maybe I should try that!" (and then forget about it a few minutes later).
    • "I might start a business someday, but for now, I'd rather just be young."
    • "I wish they'd mentioned my business. I want free publicity, too!"
  • When you hear the words "Ivy League," you tend to think:

    • I wonder if Ivy Leagues are really any different from other schools.
    • Ugh. Schools like Harvard seem snobby and waaaay too serious.
    • "Pick me! Pick me!" I'd die for that kind of cred.
  • Last, but definitely not least... would you like a slice of mushroom pizza?

    • No thanks.
    • I might eat it if I were starving.
    • YES, PLEASE.