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How Hot Are You?

It's a given that you're hot, the question is... to what degree. Ha, degree, get it? Oh, just take the quiz.

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  • Your summer hair could best be described as:

    • Pulled back or cut short.
    • Long and flowing, I don't care how hot it gets.
    • The parts that I don't shave off tend to look kinda stringy/sweaty/salt-watery.
    • Shaved off.
    • It depends on my mood and how hot it is out and where I'm going.
  • Which of these is closest to your summer job?

    • Carnival ride operator, baby!
    • Restaurant host/hostess
    • Parking lot attendant.
    • Babysitting.
    • Job? Is that you, dad?
  • The easiest place for your friends to find you over summer is:

    • Nightclubs.
    • Outside... or inside... whatever. Summer's a season, not a place.
    • If I'm not at the beach, I'm at the skate park.
    • Directly in front of the air conditioner.
    • My job.
  • Besides sunscreen, during summer you tend to smell like:

    • Soap and fabric softener.
    • Sweat.
    • Honey vanilla or Chanel no. 5.
    • Patchouli.
    • Either cotton candy, or some of my friend's perfume, or the orange I was just peeling.
  • Your summeriest shirt is:

    • Bright, bright, bright.
    • Made of flowy drapy fabric... or a body-hugging tank.
    • A bikini top or shirtless. Day, night and in-between.
    • A faded T-shirt.
    • A faded T-shirt with the arms cut off and the text barely readable anymore, plus that hole from that time I fell out of that tree/got caught on that fence.
  • What are your favorite summer shoes?

    • I don't understand, I have to narrow it down to like, one style?
    • Wedge heel sandal for girls, dress shoes or rare high tops for guys.
    • Stank, beat up vans or chucks held together by a web of duct tape and shoe goo.
    • Bare feet... flip flops maximum.
    • Not all that different from my winter shoes.