Quizzes | How Innocent Are You?

How Innocent Are You?

Is your mind in the sweetest, purest place in the world -- or is it the gutter? This quiz will rate your innocence.

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  • If you made a list of the dirtiest words you know, it'd fill:

    • A post-it
    • A notebook page
    • A notebook
  • Sex education classes are:

    • Funny! They make me giggle.
    • So awkward. Sad face.
    • Boring, so I'll just picture the teacher naked.
  • If the MPAA rated your daydreams, they'd probably get:

    • A "G" or "PG" rating
    • A "PG-13" rating
    • An "R" rating, for sure
  • Have you ever liked a song until someone explained to you what the lyrics mean?

    • Yes. I don't always listen that closely to what the person is singing.
    • Maybe once, but usually I know what's up.
    • No. I'm usually the one explaining what the song is about.
  • How often do you think "That sounds dirty!" about something said in normal conversation?

    • Once in a while, if something sounds super-bad.
    • All the time. I am the world champion of "That's what she said."
    • Never, unless the person is talking about tracking mud into the house.
  • The cashier gives you back a $20 instead of a $10. You:

    • Pocket that cash. Free money!
    • Wait an extra beat before walking away, in case they notice the mistake.
    • Point out the mistake and give back the money.
  • If you're talking about your genitalia, you'll call it:

    • By its actual name, or a cutesy nickname like "my junk."
    • By a word TeenNick would never say.
    • WHY would I be talking about my genitalia?!?
  • Be honest... what's the closest you've come to stealing someone else's bf/gf?

    • I had impure thoughts.
    • I flirted a little.
    • I came, I saw, I conquered.