Quizzes | How Lazy Are You?

How Lazy Are You?

Don't waste energy wondering. Just take this quiz.

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  • A friend will be there to pick you up in 15 minutes. You're kind of stinky and your hair is a mess. You:

    • Wonder where my shoes are.
    • Put on some deodorant.
    • Take a lightning-speed shower.
  • Voicemail is:

    • Useful when I'm too busy to get to the phone.
    • Useful when I'm not in the mood to talk.
    • Too much work. I never check my messages.
  • What's the worst thing about escalators?

    • That there's no place to sit down while I'm on one.
    • When someone in front of me won't move to the side so I can pass.
    • When someone tries to step past me, mid ride. What's the rush?
  • You're sound asleep when your alarm clock starts buzzing, beeping, or doing whatever it does to wake you up. You:

    • Stop it as quickly as possible. I'm up! I'm up!
    • Hit the snooze button, a.k.a. the best invention in the entire world.
    • Ride it out with my head under the pillow until it stops, then oversleep.
  • Your bed is:

    • So awesome when I'm all worn out.
    • An inviting mess of blankets and pillows.
    • Covered in laundry, books, and random crap, but still so comfy I could stay in there all day.
  • How often do you procrastinate?

    • Almost never. I feel too guilty.
    • I'm procrastinating right now.
    • Yawn. Big words make my brain tired.
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