Quizzes | How Magical Are You?

How Magical Are You?

Answer the questions below, and the quiz gods will wave a wand, sprinkle your answers with pixie dust, and tell you if you've got a magic touch.

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  • You're reaching for your cell phone to call your friend Dan, and at that very moment, the phone rings. It's Dan, calling you! How do you explain it?

    • It's strange -- it's like he knew I wanted to talk to him.
    • Not strange at all. It just means we're on the same wavelength.
    • Oh, please. It's just a coincidence.
  • You make wishes on:

    • Birthday candles (but only if it's my birthday).
    • Digital clocks that say 11:11.
    • Shooting stars, four-leaf clovers, and both of the above.
  • You're having a friendly conversation with someone you've never met before. When you shake this person's hand, you get a weird chill. What do you do next?

    • I'll feel distracted, and try to figure out what's bugging me.
    • I'll probably ignore it, and blame the air-conditioning or the wind.
    • I'll keep a close eye on him/her. I really don't trust this person.
  • If a close friend told you that her grandmother (who died a few years ago) sometimes talks to her, you'd think:

    • She's daydreaming. She probably misses her grandmother a lot.
    • It's a little bit weird, but only because nothing like that has ever happened to me.
    • She's lucky to have someone watching over her like that.
  • If you saw a small, dark shadow move across your bedroom and go under the bed, your first thought would be:

    • "My eyes are playing tricks on me."
    • "Did I just see something? Or did I imagine it?"
    • "Do cats have ghosts? Is there a cat ghost in here?"
  • You have a dream that you're in a sailboat made of socks, with a giant monkey and your first grade teacher. What do you do when you wake up?

    • Write it down, because it's definitely worth remembering.
    • Research the symbolism online, and try to figure out exactly what message my subconscious is sending.
    • Laugh and forget it.
  • Do you have a lucky pencil that you use for important tests, or a lucky item of clothing that you wear when you need things to go your way?

    • No. I'm not superstitious.
    • I used to, and I think it sort of helped.
    • Yes, and I know it helps. I'd die if I lost it.
  • If you throw several pennies in a fountain or a wishing well, it's most likely because:

    • I didn't want those pennies jangling around in my pocket or bag.
    • There's a sign that the change is donated to charity. (But I'll probably make a wish, too.)
    • You're only supposed to make one wish per penny, and I had several wishes.
  • You ask a friend how things are going, and get the quick response, "I'm fine." What do you think that means?

    • That my friend is fine.
    • That my friend might not be fine, especially if that's all he/she says.
    • If I could hear his/her voice and see his/her body language, I'd know exactly what it means. Without those things, it's tricky.
  • What kind of person do you think your soulmate is?

    • An awesome, amazing, perfect match for me. I have a feeling I'll recognize him/her the second we meet.
    • I don't have any idea, which makes me wonder how I'll ever recognize him/her
    • Soulmate? There's no such thing. I could be perfectly happy with lots of different people.