Quizzes | How Manny Are You?

How Manny Are You?

Manny doesn't just stir up drama -- she majors in it. Is your life as impulsive and wild as hers is? Take the quiz.

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  • Are you wearing a thong right now?

    • No. Thongs aren't my thing.
    • No, but I own a few.
    • Yeah. So?
    • Who says I'm wearing anything?
  • On a scale from 1-4, how dramatic has your life been lately?

    • 1. Things are pretty calm, as usual.
    • 2. Things aren't as crazy as they used to be.
    • 3. It's been a bit unpredictable.
    • 4. Things are out of control, even for me.
  • Ever broken up someone else's relationship?

    • Well, it wasn't entirely my fault.
    • More than one. Love isn't easy -- or rational.
    • A bunch. Sometimes just to see if I can.
    • Me? No way.
  • When you're REALLY mad at someone, you'll usually:

    • Avoid them.
    • Do the best I can to hide my boiling rage.
    • Confront them. They get one chance to explain.
    • Freak out the next time I see them. I don't even want an explanation.
  • What's your policy on sexy photos?

    • I can't help it. When I see a camera, I flirt.
    • WHY? What did you see online?
    • It's just a human body. There's nothing to hide.
    • If there's a camera around, I stay fully dressed.
  • If someone offered you the internship of your dreams, starting next week in a city 1000 miles away, you'd:

    • Say, "Thanks, but I have to check with my parents," and then beg them to let me go.
    • Say "Thanks, but no thanks." It just wasn't meant to be.
    • Say, "Yes!" Somehow, I'll find a way to make it happen.
    • Charge a plane ticket on my parents' credit card, and call them from the airport to explain.
  • What's the most intense thing that's ever happened to you at school?

    • I got a D.
    • Oh, man. Out of all the stuff that's happened, it's tough to narrow it down.
    • I'd rather not say. I'm trying my best to block it out.
    • My lawyer told me not to discuss it.
  • If you were thinking about making a major change to your hair, you'd:

    • Be tempted to cut it or dye it myself... just on a whim. Maybe.
    • Ask my friends, family, and hairstylist for advice first.
    • Do it and deal with the consequences. Hair grows back.
    • Do it right now. If I hate it, I can always shave my head.