Quizzes | How Much Do You Hate the Holidays?

How Much Do You Hate the Holidays?

Are the holidays getting you down? Take this quiz and tell us how you really feel about long lines, off-key carols, and tacky decorations. We'll measure the depth of your holiday hatred.

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  • Maybe if you let go of all your anger, this will be the best holiday ever! What do you say?

    • Maybe it will!
    • It might... but then again, it might not.
    • Seriously, this is on track to be the worst holiday ever. I'll probably be telling stories about this one for years.
    • Oh, go shove it in a stocking.
  • If your family put you in charge of the decorations this year, what would you do?

    • I'd take it easy, so there's not much to take down after the holidays are over.
    • I'd make a giant sign about how much the holidays suck and hang it in the living room. (They'll never ask me again.)
    • I'd beg them to help. It wouldn't be as fun on my own.
    • I might complain, but at least this year, our house is gonna look decent.
  • You could easily rant for ten minutes about:

    • Cranky salespeople. Aren't they supposed to help me?
    • Chatty salespeople. I'm not your BFF -- I just want to pay and leave.
    • Shopping during the holidays. Everything about it sucks.
    • How hard I worked to find a certain present. It better have been worth it.
  • Hey, wanna go wait in a long line, sit on some old dude's lap, and ask him to sneak into your house at night with a bag of presents?

    • Yeah, I kinda do. Is that weird?
    • That's so nasty. Kids have probably peed in that lap.
    • I have better things to do than kiss some hobo's ass.
    • Sounds fun -- but ONLY if the elves let me pretend to make out with the old dude (and take pictures).
  • Your mom has claimed the TV, because there's a holiday movie coming on that she's dying to see. You'll probably:

    • Make some cinnamon-sugar popcorn, and watch it with her.
    • Try to work a deal. "I'll watch your movie with you... but only if you bake me cookies."
    • Understand where the "villain" is coming from. I feel you, Scrooge!
    • Roll my eyes whenever the plot gets predictable. You know they'll end up happy.
  • What do you hate the most about gift giving?

    • I hate that I'm broke. I'd go gift-crazy if I had more cash.
    • I hate the pressure to buy random crap for people. That's not what the holidays are supposed to be about.
    • Giving something expensive to someone who gives me junk (or nothing). I feel ripped off.
    • People who won't tell me what they want. Give me a damn hint, already!
  • What bugs you the most about holiday music?

    • The songs get stuck in my head and drive me crazy.
    • Everybody tries to sing those songs -- even people who can't carry a tune. (My poor ears!)
    • The lyrics are full of cheery, rhyming LIES.
    • Most radio stations only play it in December.