Quizzes | How Much Like Your Mom Are You?

How Much Like Your Mom Are You?

"You're just like your mother!" Is that the truth -- or are we just messing with you? Take this quiz to find out.

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  • When you're about to make a decision, do you ever hear your mom's voice in your head?

    • Sometimes, but I don't pay much attention to it.
    • Yeah -- I hate when that happens.
    • Yes, and it usually says exactly what I need to hear.
  • You're watching an awards show on TV with your mom and she has A LOT to say about one of the performances. You...

    • Completely agree with her.
    • See her point, but don't necessarily agree.
    • Completely disagree with her.
  • You just bought a new jacket. What are the chances that your mom will borrow it?

    • I don't think she'd ever be that desperate for clothing.
    • If I leave it on the couch, and she's cold, she might put it on.
    • I'd be more surprised if she didn't borrow it.
  • When she meets someone you're dating, how does your mom usually react?

    • She waits till he/she leaves, then says something like, "You can do so much better."
    • She says something nice about him/her afterwards. I think she trusts my judgment.
    • I tend to avoid introducing the people I'm dating to my parents.
  • How do you and your mom feel about housecleaning?

    • We tend to put it off for as long as possible.
    • She's kind of a neat freak, but I'm more relaxed about things.
    • She's a bit messy, but I keep my stuff organized.
  • You're shopping with your mom and try on an outfit you love. When your mom sees it, she'll probably say:

    • "That looks great!"
    • "Well... it's your money, so it's up to you."
    • "That doesn't seem appropriate. Let's keep looking."
  • When you and your mom watch TV together, how do you decide what to watch?

    • It's never an issue. We're obsessed with all the same shows.
    • It's a nightly battle. She has the worst taste in TV.
    • We don't watch much TV.
  • Who's healthier -- you or your mom?

    • She's really into fitness and nutrition, and I'm... not.
    • I try to work out and eat right, but my mom's bad about that stuff.
    • We both take good care of ourselves (and each other).
  • What do you and your mom argue about?

    • Money, politics, dating...pretty much everything.
    • Whether or not I'm obeying her "rules."
    • Not much.
  • Does your mom make you laugh?

    • Not really. At least... not lately.
    • Yeah. I'm always laughing at how out of touch she is.
    • All the time. We have the same sense of humor.