Quizzes | How Much of a Party Animal Are You?

How Much of a Party Animal Are You?

At any given social gathering, you'll find shy, squeaky party mice and raucous, roaring party lions. Want to know where you fit in? Let's get this party quiz started!

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  • When you're at a party and there's a dance floor…

    • I stand next to it and bob my head to the beat.
    • I'm right in the middle of it, showing everybody how it's DONE.
    • I'm on the other side of the room—as far away as possible.
  • When you do dance, how are your moves?

    • Who cares? I'm just having fun.
    • Not impressive. I just try not to make a fool out of myself.
    • If I'm being honest—I'm the best one out there!
  • If you're standing near the stereo at a party, you're most likely to…

    • Turn the volume down a little and hope no one notices.
    • Crank the volume up until I can feel the floor shake.
    • Skip a track I don't like.
  • Your friend is throwing a huge classic Hollywood party for her birthday. What will you wear?

    • A carefully planned Marilyn Monroe ensemble, complete with red lipstick and perfect blonde curls.
    • Something a little extra fancy.
    • Whatever I feel like putting on that day.
  • If you could choose the party games, what would your first pick be?

    • Truth or dare!
    • Do we have to play a game? I'd rather just hang out.
    • A board game or card game.
  • If someone spilled a drink on your favorite new shirt, how would you react?

    • I would spend a few minutes in the bathroom making sure it wouldn't stain.
    • I'd forget about it two seconds later. No big deal.
    • I'd probably go home.
  • What kind of food is available at your ideal party?

    • A sit-down dinner.
    • Cake and desserts.
    • Something like chips and dip or a cheese platter.
  • Two parties on the same night? That sounds:

    • Hectic, but fun and do-able.
    • Overwhelming!
    • Only two?!
  • When do you usually leave a party?

    • When it starts getting too crowded.
    • Whenever they turn the lights on and make me leave!
    • When I start to feel bored or tired.