Quizzes | How "Now or Never" Are You?

How "Now or Never" Are You?

On Degrassi (and in real life), you never know when everything might change. Do you make the most of every moment? Are you ready to go for it -- whatever "it" is? Step right up and take this quiz.

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  • What would it take for you to jump in a pool with all your clothes on?

    • I'd do it on a dare -- or just to be funny.
    • I might do it if it was really hot out, and I didn't have my suit.
    • I'd only do that if a swimmer shouted for help, and I was the closest person to the pool.
  • You're most likely to kiss someone for the first time:

    • After imagining a thousand times what our first kiss will be like.
    • After I'm pretty sure that we both like each other.
    • On a whim. If the person kisses me back, awesome. If not, oh well.
  • If you had the opportunity to study abroad in college, would you?

    • Definitely! If I don't speak the language, I'll take a few classes.
    • Maybe -- if I could visit a country where I speak the language.
    • Probably not. I'd rather stay with my friends.
  • You know the expression "Good things come to those who wait"? Do you think it's true?

    • Pretty true, I guess.
    • It's completely false. Waiting around doesn't get you anywhere.
    • It depends on the situation -- sometimes it's true; sometimes it's false.
  • How often do you unfriend or unfollow people online?

    • Very rarely. It stirs up too much drama.
    • Once in a while -- if I have a really good reason.
    • Whenever I feel like it. I can always re-friend them later.
  • When you play Truth or Dare, you're more likely to pick:

    • Truth
    • Dare
    • It's about 50/50.
  • If a famous hairstylist said "I have a new haircut I'd love to try out on someone with your face shape," and offered to cut your hair for free, you'd say:

    • "OK!" (Even if I hate it, my hair will grow back.)
    • "Maybe... as long as it's not a huge change from what I have now."
    • "Before I decide, do you have any photos of how it might look?"
  • If you hear about a contest where the winning essay, photo, or video gets an awesome prize, you're most likely to think:

    • "Is it even worth trying? I bet sooo many people enter."
    • "I'll probably enter, but I doubt I'll win the big prize." (I don't want to spend much time on my entry.)
    • "I have to make sure my entry stands out." (I'll spend as much time as it takes.)