Quizzes | How Optimistic Are You?

How Optimistic Are You?

Are you super-psyched for all the good things coming your way... or will you vomit if one more cheery moron smiles in your direction? Take this quiz to find out if there's a light at the end of your emotional tunnel.

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  • A friend of a friend does something nice for you out of the blue. Your reaction:

    • "That was kinda random. But nice."
    • "What an awesome surprise!"
    • "What does this person want from me? They must have a motive."
  • If you've had three disappointing birthdays in a row, you're most likely to say:

    • "I'm due for a GREAT birthday next year!"
    • "I haven't had the best luck with birthdays."
    • "This proves it. Birthdays suck."
  • Life is:

    • A joke
    • A test
    • A gift
  • When you're in a bad mood, you tend to think stuff like:

    • "What is with me today? I've got to snap out of it."
    • "Some people are SO annoying."
    • "My life suuuuuuuuuuucks."
  • You're waiting in a long line to see a movie on opening night. Just as the line bends around a corner, you see a guy cut in front of you. What are you thinking?

    • He probably didn't see the rest of the line. It's longer than it looks.
    • He definitely knew he was cutting. What a jerk.
    • Ugh. Now I'm even further back than I already was.
  • If you're eating lunch at school and you suddenly remember you have an important test in half an hour, you'll probably:

    • Try to study, but distract myself by saying "I can't believe I forgot about the test!" every few minutes.
    • Read through my notes as fast as possible and quiz myself. It might help a little.
    • Sigh and feel like crap about my future bad grade. There's no time to learn anything now.
  • You're crossing the street near your house, and a lady who's out walking her dog smiles at you. You don't know her. You'll:

    • Ignore it. She's probably crazy.
    • Smile back, and maybe say "Hi."
    • Give her a confused look, and try to figure out why she's smiling.
  • "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." That quote makes you:

    • Wonder why life would give anybody lemons.
    • Nod. Sometimes I find ways to turn a bad experience into something positive.
    • Shake my head. If life hands me lemons, I'll throw them at someone and go back to bed.
  • If a little girl tells you she wants to be president someday, how will you react?

    • I'll say, "Wow, that's a big goal! You'll have to work really hard."
    • I'll say, "I wouldn't want that job. It sounds like too much work."
    • I'll be thinking, "Yeah... good luck with THAT."
  • Which of these feels most true?

    • The world is going to hell in a handbasket.
    • Things will get worse before they get better... if they get better.
    • If we all work at it, things can get better.