Quizzes | How Paige Are You?

How Paige Are You?

Love her, hate her, secretly or not-so-secretly jealous of her... we're not asking whether you want to be like Paige. We're asking whether you actually kind of are. Take the quiz.

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  • When you get spring fever, what's your main symptom?

    • I don't want to study or work -- I just want to hang out!
    • I want to sing and dance!
    • I want to buy all sorts of cute spring stuff.
    • I want to spend all my time outdoors.
  • You'd love to spend your spring break:

    • At the beach.
    • At home.
    • Camping in the woods.
    • Road tripping.
  • Ah, the smell of spring. What kind of smell gives you spring fever?

    • The muddy, earthy smell of the air after it rains.
    • Chocolate! I love Easter candy.
    • The light, sweet aroma of spring flowers.
    • Crackling firewood when I'm sitting around the campfire.
  • Prom is right around the corner. What would your perfect prom night involve?

    • Dancing, laughing, and taking tons of photos with my friends.
    • A romantic, goodnight kiss from my date.
    • My crush suddenly confessing his/her love for me, rom-com style!
    • Getting crowned prom royalty.
  • What's your favorite springtime sight?

    • The sun. I love the longer days!
    • Blossoming flowers and leaves on the trees.
    • Baby animals -- especially bunnies.
    • Everyone in shorts, shades, and a good mood!
  • It's allergy season. Which spring thing are you "allergic" to?

    • Rain. I hate being cooped up indoors.
    • "Spring"-scented air freshener. That chemical stuff smells nothing like spring.
    • Loud birds at 5am. I know you guys are excited it's spring but...shh.
    • Sitting still in class. Why can't it be summer already?
  • Pick an after-prom destination:

    • My house (or a friend's) for a party!
    • The beach.
    • The nearest big city.
    • A quiet park bench to stargaze with my date.
  • What's your favorite springtime sound?

    • The ice cream truck song.
    • The call of the birds and other wild animals that start showing up.
    • Thunder.
    • New music. My winter soundtrack feels outdated.