Quizzes | How Rad Is Your Dad?

How Rad Is Your Dad?

Your dad probably thinks he's rad, but is he really? Tell this quiz what he's like, and it'll tell you how awesome he is.

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  • Can you imagine taking your dad to a rock show?

    • Yup, because we've gone to shows together.
    • I guess I'd be up for it (especially if he's paying).
    • Ow. I just tried to picture it, and even that was painful.
  • How often do you and your dad make each other laugh?

    • All the time. We have the same sense of humor.
    • Once in a while. We're both pretty funny.
    • Not very often. Usually, one of us says, "That's not funny."
  • How would you describe your dad's style?

    • Ha. My dad doesn't have a style.
    • It's OK, but sometimes I'm like, "Dad, what are you wearing?"
    • It's decent, in a dad-like way.
  • How often does your dad embarrass you in public?

    • On a regular basis. He does it on purpose, because he thinks it's funny.
    • Once in a while. He doesn't mean to -- it just happens.
    • It's rare, and he always apologizes.
  • Has your dad introduced you to any good music or movies?

    • Yeah, some of my all-time favorites.
    • I've heard about a few classics from him, but that's it.
    • Nah, our tastes are vastly different.
  • Does your dad have any impressive talents?

    • He's good at a few things.
    • He's great at all sorts of stuff.
    • Only if you consider farting and burping impressive.